Struggle & Success Saturday: My Kitchen Laboratory

My kitchen has turned into some weird science lab wherein raw cow milk ferments in various ways in jars and bowls, and sometimes mixes with other foods, like grains and fruit. Some of it's turned out...some not. I'm a little sad when something doesn't work out--a waste of food, and it makes me feel a [...]


A Traditional Breakfast: Porridge

The basic foods of these [isolated Gaelic] islanders are fish and oat products with a little barley. Oat grain is the one cereal which develops fairly readily, and it provides the porridge and oatcakes which in many homes are eaten in some form regularly with each meal.... [We saw] fisher people with teeth of unusual [...]

Whole Grains & Soaking

This post covers the section "Whole Grains" of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. "Traditional" as used in this blog refers to the healthy isolated groups of people studied by Weston A Price, who were untouched by modern ways of dealing with food, or other pre-modern ways of eating that promote good health. Opinions are mine unless indicated otherwise. [...]

Struggle & Success Saturday: Family Reunion

Thursday morning we headed out to a hot springs resort for a family reunion on my husband's side. I was so excited for this trip and kept calling it our "vacation" even though it was only for two nights. (My husband is very dedicated to his job, so we don't really ever go on "real" [...]

Salicylate Sensitivity?

My little boy just turned three this month. He was born a docile child--almost never cried as a baby (although he was held constantly, and his needs never delayed beyond necessity--so easy when they are so little). I did eventually teach him it was okay to cry, if he needed a release, but never expected that [...]

Book Giveaway at Cheeseslave!

  I really want to read this book. It's written by the hero of Nourishing Traditions, Weston A. Price. That's the dentist who traveled the world and studied the healthiest populations. All I really know about the book is that it talks about how nutritional deficiencies cause physical degeneration. He studied people of the same [...]

Vegan: Doesn’t it make you wonder?

The other day, I accidentally came across a forum for a diet called the Hallelujah Diet. It's a 85% raw, 15% cooked vegan diet. I was just reading the "what is" page for this diet. They quote as part of their evidence, a scripture from the Bible, Genesis 1:29: And God said, Behold, I have given [...]