Struggle & Success Saturday: Family Reunion

Thursday morning we headed out to a hot springs resort for a family reunion on my husband’s side. I was so excited for this trip and kept calling it our “vacation” even though it was only for two nights. (My husband is very dedicated to his job, so we don’t really ever go on “real” vacations.) I kept thinking how this little two day vacation was going to rejuvenate me…I was going to relax in the hot spring-fed pool, take a leisurely hike, go horseback riding, and otherwise just take it easy. Well, my husband’s family is so impressively organized and had things planned such that you really couldn’t run off and do your own thing, unless you wanted to be completely exhausted at the end of the day.

The activities were great family time, and I wouldn’t trade it. Maybe I will have to get my leisurely vacation some other time. The hard part was the food. Not saying it was bad–like I said, they were very well organized, including with the food–but it wasn’t the kind of food we are used to eating or that I feel we should be eating. And I totally don’t want to sound ungrateful–how nice for them to provide meals for everyone! But every meal was like a challenge. My plan was to just try to fill up on acceptable foods, and avoid the foods that would for sure make us feel sick (talking about me and my little boy here, husband has junk food immunity, remember?)

We were on our own for breakfast, but two lunches and two dinners were provided. Even though there was a free continental breakfast at the lodge, I brought pastured eggs, good quality plain Greek yogurt, fresh raspberries from our yard, two quarts of fresh raw cow milk, and my son’s non-sweetened chocolate-flavored superfood supplement to mix in the milk in case he didn’t get enough nourishment from the meals. All four of the provided meals contained white bread: It was unavoidable with the first three meals (sandwiches, pizza, then sandwiches again–although that chicken salad croissant sandwich was totally worth it), but the last meal we were able to forego buns and eat more protein (pulled pork and hot dogs). I think all the meals also had dessert, chips and sugary drinks, but also some vegetable (carrot sticks for the first three and coleslaw for the last), and yummy fruit. It was easy to forego the sweet drinks for water. Even my little boy didn’t put up a fuss about the juice, and happily drank water. Normally, I would have let him load up on the fresh fruit, but instead I limited it since I now suspect he has a salicylate sensitivity. He didn’t miss the dessert at the lunches because he never saw them, but at the first dinner, he could not miss the table-full of goodies, and ate peanut M&Ms by the handful. That night he kept burping and his breath was atrocious, even the next morning–and he never has had bad breath before.

Our bowels got totally messed up. Thankfully, breakfast helped get them moving. I checked out the continental breakfast to see if there was something I could add to the eggs I was planning to make. The food was abysmal. I did grab one unripe banana and some pats of butter to cook the eggs in. Even without ketchup, my son devoured his eggs. In the evenings after dinner he would have his “chocolate smoothie” (superfood supplement in raw milk) and he would just chug it. It was like his body knew he needed some nutrition-packed food.

Friday night’s dinner was interesting in how my son ate. I gave him his bun-less hot dog without mustard (too much salicylate in mustard–well in hot dogs, too, but oh well). After the hot dog, he was still hungry but didn’t want coleslaw and asked for chips, so I got him some chips but also pulled out the “chocolate smoothie” I had pre-made. He drank some and sipped at it during the after-dinner activities. He no longer cared about the chips. He didn’t care about the dessert table this time either. Up until this point, I hadn’t even wanted any dessert. But since I had a low-carb meal of pulled pork, coleslaw, and just a few cherries, dessert actually sounded kind of good, and I allowed myself a small piece of cake and part of a s’more (the s’more was not worth it, but it was fun to roast the marshmallow).

I drank some raw milk after each meal, which helped me feel better nourished. I also diligently took my supplements and I even brought some enzyme supplements because I figured I’d need them. The first day I forgot to take the enzymes with the meals, so I got really bloated–just what you want before you get in a swimsuit, right?

Anyway, I didn’t feel too bad from not eating our normal food. The extra food I brought really helped. And the reunion was fun, totally worth it. And we got to see a “secret garden,” visit waterfalls on our not-so-leisurely hikes, and I did get to soak in the hot spring pool (with a three-year-old attached to me). One of the best parts of the trip was skipping the afternoon activity on the second day and letting my little boy finish his nap (he really needed it), and getting a nap myself. I kept thinking, Now this is nourishing.

On the way home, we stopped at Quizno’s Sub so I could get a salad with meat. Well, either they have gone downhill or my taste buds have really changed. It was so gross I threw away my salad after forcing myself to eat just half of it. If chef Gordon Ramsey had taken a bite of that salad, he would have spit it out and gone back in the kitchen and yelled at someone. I love chef Ramsey.

Thankfully I remembered we still had some yogurt in the car. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Struggle & Success Saturday: Family Reunion

  1. I’m so glad you brought other foods!! Its really hard when you don’t wanna be rude but the food isn’t what your used to.
    I like how you say Philip has junk food immunity. But I doubt it has no harm. I’m guessing it just doesn’t have any effect in him now. But you never know how things add up.

    1. Oh, I am sure that it still affects his body. Over time his resiliency is sure to break down, and I am concerned how it affects his sperm, since that would affect our childrens’ health.

  2. Yes it’s so hard when family members mean so well!. My dh has junk food immunity too 😉
    What supplement do you give ds? (would be great for my ds in his ‘smoothies’) xx ella

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