Struggle & Success Saturday

I have a bunch of stuff I want to share with you, like how my kitchen has turned into a science lab wherein experiments in raw dairy culturing abound, but I’d really just like to talk about how we are doing right now.

Sunday evening I started my three-year-old on his salicylate elimination diet. The next day, which I am calling the “first” day, he was a new child. Or perhaps I should say the child he used to be. He was so calm, it was amazing. The second day started great. We visited friends, and he was accidentally given a few raspberries. On our way home we got sidetracked and then got very hungry and turned around at the same time (and it was going to be a long drive home), and McDonald’s was right there…got him the chicken nuggets (which have spices). He cried on the way home, and could not fall asleep even though it was past his naptime. He napped late and then was cranky all evening.

The third day I was more on top of it. Other than three very ripe raspberries, and one very ripe cherry (they are growing in our backyard, hard to avoid entirely), we stayed on the diet. (Very ripe fruit has lower levels of salicylates). He was amazing all day, even sat with me in a class at REI for an hour and listened to the author of Barefoot Running teach us how to start running barefoot. 🙂

The fourth day started off good, but then I took him to the doctor. Originally this was to test for food allergies, but I was feeling so convinced about salicylates that it seemed pointless to do a blood draw. I would have rescheduled, but it was too late by the time I thought of it, so I decided to use the appointment to get him a dtap shot (otherwise it was going to be a $20 copay down the drain). This was a horrible time to do a vaccination because it could really skew the results of the elimination test. He was cranky all evening and then ill the next day. However, we are keeping on the diet and will continue for at least another week before adding foods back in.

I should also mention that he slept all through the night the first, second, and third nights. Sleeping through the night is not something my child does except on very rare occasion, so it is interesting to note.

Also Sunday evening I had a PMS bout. The cool thing is that I’ve been able to downgrade from PMDD (it’s like a severe, psycho form of PMS). I was pretty tired the day before and the first day of my period (though the day before I happened to drive 45 minutes out to my friend’s and back), so I took naps. The second day of my period, I felt great. So I think this, along with other improvements, is an indicator that I’m getting healthier. Yay!


One thought on “Struggle & Success Saturday

  1. He wasn’t given raspberries at my house. He took them from me 😉

    Glad you are figuring out Micheals sensitivity. I hope it keeps getting better.
    Also glad you’re feeling a bit better!

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