Soaking Nuts

If you've never heard about soaking or sprouting nuts but still think nuts are good for you, you may not know that nuts contain enzyme inhibitors. Enzymes are essential for proper digestion, so you really don't want to eat anything that inhibits them. Fortunately there is a simple process that neutralizes these inhibitors. All you [...]


Leaning into Primal

A little over four years ago I discovered that I had an issue with Candida albicans overgrowth in my body. That was a pivotal time in my life. It was when I began to realize that the American diet was full of pitfalls, a major one being sugar. I eliminated sugar from my diet, as [...]

Exhausting Beach Trip

We got invited to spend a couple days at a beach house with my brother-in-law's family. Of course I wanted to go, how fun! It. was. I've decided that while spending time with relatives is valuable to me, it is not a vacation. I am one those people that really likes to do things at [...]

Struggle & Success Saturday: Our Health is Improving

I'm starting to get the hang of pre-planning meals (to a certain degree), and putting a little more effort into meals. This goes as far as hitting the farmers market in a neighboring city, so I can have really fresh produce (more enzymes), and then trying my darndest to get it all eaten in a [...]

Cultured Butter & Buttermilk

I love Kerrygold butter so much that it would seem pointless to make my own butter, except for the reason that raw butter is healthier, especially if it's cultured. Culturing increases the enzyme and vitamin content. I tend to make everything in smaller quantities than is recommended in Nourishing Traditions, which pretty much calls for [...]