Tomato-Dill Soup

After I made my salsa the other day, my husband told me that his mom was making and freezing tomato soup with all her homegrown tomatoes. So just two days after my salsa-making, I went back into the garden and picked all the ripe tomatoes...I had seven pounds of them! I was a little amazed, [...]


Fermented Salsa

When your tomato garden finally takes off and throws a bundle of ripe tomatoes at you, it's time to try the fermented salsa recipe in Nourishing Traditions! At least, that's what I figured. The tomatoes were threatening to start rotting (I had been trying to get around to it for over a week), so I gathered [...]


It is best to eat a variety of fowl--chicken, turkey, Cornish game hens and domesticated duck--and to vary your source of animal protein between poultry, fish, game and red meat [to avoid developing allergies].... ...dark meat contains more minerals than white. And speaking of dark meat, do take advantage of domestic farm-raised duck now becoming [...]