Struggle and Success Saturday

One of my biggest struggles right now is finding the time to write! I am busy busy busy trying to dump information in my head, do all the domestic goodness, and taking time to relax as well (doctor’s orders, remember!). I really want to write more about the nutritional info covered in Nourishing Traditions–haven’t even gotten to protein yet, let alone vitamins/minerals, enzymes, dairy and other topics. I really want to hit these because I feel they are so important to know about.

Another struggle I have is dealing with my son’s health. I feel very fortunate that I have such a keen interest in health, because I believe that if I didn’t, my son would be so much worse off. He’s not really sick the way most people view being sick–in fact, he appears very vibrant and full of life. Nevertheless, they are definitely some glitches in his system which cause him some distress if we aren’t careful. I think he would fare rather poorly if we ate processed foods, foods with additives, pasteurized milk, factory-raised meats and eggs, GMO foods, canned foods, refined foods, sugar, etc. I’m SO GRATEFUL that I had enough sense not to give him the multivitamins with fluoride that pediatricians and dentists recommend. Sadly, I didn’t know our water supply had enough fluoride in it to cause fluorosis, which he appears to have in his teeth (which means he probably has it in his other bones, too). I feel if we ate a standard American diet, his teeth would be deteriorating. I think the worst tooth is decaying a bit, and I am glad to know of sources to help strengthen his teeth through diet. The hard part is trying to get all the info in my head as soon as possible.

I have resolved to take my son to a naturopath. I feel pulled toward applied kinesiology and homeopathy to help heal his food sensitivities. The most challenging part of this is finding a way to pay for it. I am still seeing my naturopath once a month. Once I am healthy enough to get pregnant, I am probably still going to want to see a naturopath for supportive care. It just feels like it’s going to be an ongoing expense. And now my son has just started preschool, so that’s another monthly expense. I’ve already decided that I am willing to give up taking any trips or getting presents for my birthday or Christmas this year. I will forgo buying new clothes and shoes that aren’t absolutely necessary. We really need to write up a budget–I’m just scared to find out there won’t be enough money. But I keep praying, and I’m trying to read my scriptures every day and do other good things because I really feel like it’s been blessing my life. If I put my trust in Him, everything will work out, somehow.

On the plus side, I am feeling better and better all the time. I find I am flipping through Nourishing Traditions often to find recipes for this or that, which means we are eating closer to a traditional diet as time goes on. I have found that giving up grains has been fairly easy for me, though I have made some small allowances (a bit of white rice here and there–but cooked in bone broth!). My little guy is calmer when we stick close to his diet and he gets enough sleep (we still have problems sticking to a schedule). Overall, things are looking good and hopeful, but sometimes I get seriously overwhelmed by it all. I want to move forward by leaps and bounds, but sometimes it’s so hard to take one tiny little baby step. But we are making progress, I just remind myself of that.


One thought on “Struggle and Success Saturday

  1. I’m glad I didn’t do fluoiride either. But really, I’m more glad we’re primal. Because I feel that with grains and other stuff we would be doing more damage to our teeth and body.
    Good luck with your budget. It’s hard to do. I feel especially for us it has been challenging because Ben and I made a LOT of money before I stayed home. And it’s realizing that we can’t do everything we want. We can’t go out to eat. We can’t spend money on wants, they have to be on needs most of the time. But coming up with a budget made us realize where our priorities were. We realized the things we really wanted – good food and health were moat important compared to anything else and we CAN afford it as long as we give up the less important stuff.
    Glad you are feeling better!!

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