Wordless Wednesday: Grape Harvest

Our first year with more than a few bunches on the vine.
Our first real grape harvest. About 16lbs or so.
Destemming grapes.
Washing. Or is it playing?
Aren't they beautiful?
Isn't it pretty?
After three days fermentation. Not so pretty.
Skimmed and bottled. (FYI, this is not wine, it's grape 'cooler'--little to no alcohol.)

Followed “grape cooler” recipe from Nourishing Traditions.


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Grape Harvest

  1. Hey Lisa, have you ever made Kombucha? We make quite a bit of “KT” but I’ve never tried the grape cooler. Now I want to. 🙂

    When I go on a delivery route, away from the farm all day, I practically live on kefir and kombucha the whole day. Kefir made from raw milk with real kefir grains is one of the most amazing superfoods ever. We as a family feel that drinking kefir is one of the absolute best ways to really boost your immune system. We love to make smoothies with it and drink it at almost every meal.

    Have you guys been following this story? We know Michael personally.

    1. Hi Rodrick. You know, I cannot drink kombucha because drinking tea is forbidden in my religion. I did try to make water kefir but I think my grains died before I could even use them (I got them from someone but hadn’t read up on it yet, so they just sat in my fridge for a while). I got kefir grains from my milk guy last week and have been using them to make milk kefir. I noticed they seem to be shrinking rather than growing…could this be from not allowing them to culture long enough? I’m going to try leaving them at room temperature for a longer amount of time and see if they will grow.

      You know Michael Schmidt personally?? It must be so hard for you to see him going through such an ordeal. I’ve only been getting bits of the story through my facebook feed updates. I haven’t dived into actively supporting because I get too emotionally involved in things like this and the stress affects my health. 😦 I truly hope he and all the other raw milk farmers are vindicated of those ridiculous charges.

  2. Yes, I think it would be a good idea to let the grains in milk at room temperature for two or three days and see what happens. Our kefir grains grow so fast, they double almost every week. I think a lot of it has to do with the organic nutrient-dense Jersey milk.

    Organic – since it wouldn’t contain any trace amounts of antibiotics, or chemicals
    Jersey – since their milk is close to 5% butterfat

    Here’s a link to our kefir instructions:

    Yes, my dad and I have met and talked with Michael several times. We email occasionally too. Just last night my dad, Edwin, sent him an email to express our family’s concern for the lasting physical damage that this could do to him. He thanked us for our prayers but appears resolute. You are right, it is very hard for us to see Michael go through this.

    We are in the process of finishing up a newsletter about the whole ordeal. I hope to get it out early tomorrow morning before I leave for the Pittsburgh deliveries. Here’s a link to an earlier newsletter you would enjoy: (there’s also a signup link at the bottom of that page)

    Somehow my posts always get so long. Sorry. Have a great evening.

    1. Thank you for the links, I will have a look at them. Never apologize for long comments–I love them!

      It is just so sad about Michael. I hope they will hurry up and meet with him! I will keep him in my prayers, too.

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