My GAPS Journey on Facebook

Today I excitedly told a group of women at church that I had successfully completed four days without chocolate (today is my fifth day). I don't know what I was expecting, maybe a "Good for you!" but what I heard was one lady say, "That's not good news." ūüė¶ I know what she meant, but [...]


Healing Ear Infections with Probiotics

Back in December I decided there was something wrong with my ears. Every so often my ears would get this "feeling" like I was coming down with a cold, usually accompanied by that "feeling" I get in my throat when I'm about to get sick. I could tell my ears were infected with something, but [...]

Spiritual Sunday: Made to be Perfect

One of the criticisms of Christianity is that Christian religions are guilt-inducing. When I first heard this, I thought, No way! Not MY church! I imagined people were talking about pastors instilling the fear of God into the congregation, telling them they were these worthless, below-the-dust-of-the-earth sort of thing, that Satan was going to drag them [...]

Health Comes First

Everywhere I turn people are trying to lose weight. Some want to look better, and some want to be healthier. Most probably want better health and better looks, but I think people are primarily driven by one or the other to lose weight. When I hear that someone is trying to lose weight to look better, [...]

Love at Home

I do "music time" in the Relief Society (women's organization) at my church. Twice a month I come up with a tiny little 2-minute music lesson after which we usually sing a song that relates (sometimes the lesson is about the actual song). This last Sunday I chose the hymn Love at Home by John McNaughton. McNaughton [...]

Lacto-fermented Ginger Carrots

Almost five years ago I tried making fermented veggies for the first time--sauerkraut with carrots--in an effort to help heal my body from Candida albicans. I used a very traditional method which required fermenting for 7 days and used no whey. It was so potent that I couldn't handle it. At all. I dumped it [...]

Spiritual Sunday: Fasting

In my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), we observe a practice called fasting. Fasting can be done any time one feels the need, but as a whole, we participate in what we call "Fast Sunday," which is usually the first Sunday of each month. On Fast Sunday, everyone who is able [...]