My GAPS Journey on Facebook

Today I excitedly told a group of women at church that I had successfully completed four days without chocolate (today is my fifth day). I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe a “Good for you!” but what I heard was one lady say, “That’s not good news.” 😦 I know what she meant, but obviously most the people in my regular life just aren’t going to understand what I’m doing, so they can’t appreciate it.

I don’t actually need a rally of people cheering me on to do this, but it is nice to have support. I started a Facebook page for Nourishing My Life a few weeks ago. I’ve been posting images and articles I find interesting and sometimes funny, as well as my favorite blog posts that I write here. I don’t plan to blog a lot during the intro phase of GAPS, which I am starting this week and expect to last several weeks, but I will be updating our GAPS progress on my Facebook page on a regular basis. So, if that interests you, pop on over!


2 thoughts on “My GAPS Journey on Facebook

  1. good luck!

    i’ve reduced sugar to almost zero (i dislike doing anything to extremes unless necessary). i’m going for a balance of nourishing foods and occasional indulgences.

    1. Thanks, Mon!

      I dislike extremes, too. Thankfully GAPS is really well-balanced and I’ve gradually worked my way into eating these kinds of foods, so I don’t feel deprived at all. There are plenty of ways to indulge while keeping on the diet, too–actually more important to my little boy rather than to myself.

      I’m looking forward to having my gut all healed up so I can have a little bit of bread and other things I enjoy.

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