Clarified Butter (Ghee)

As part of GAPS we have given up dairy for six weeks, however, we still get to have ghee! Clarified butter is sometimes called ghee, however ghee is made differently–both are pure butterfat without the milk solids that regular butter has. I had never made ghee/clarified butter before, but it was very easy. I had also never cooked with it before and it’s wonderful–none of the browning you get with butter. Plus, without the milk solids present, it is safe to leave at room temperature, which means it melts super fast in the pan or on hot food, and is always ready for spreading. What a dream!


Raw milk butter would be ideal, but I wasn't ready to shovel out $14 for a pound of butter. Kerrygold is the next best thing and very affordable at Trader Joe's.

To make clarified butter, simply get the desired amount of butter place in an oven-safe pan. Heat at 250 degrees (Fahrenheit ) for 40-60 minutes. I read somewhere that simmering it for a few hours makes the water evaporate from it but I didn’t do this. I believe the benefit of doing that is increasing it’s life at room temperature.

A big glass measuring cup works really well.

After the butter is all nicely separated, it is time to, well, separate it. There will be a very thin transparent layer on top. Use a ladle or spoon to remove and discard. Next, ladle or pour the beautiful golden liquid into a glass jar. If you do a pound of butter, like I do, it will fit nicely into a pint-size jar. I’ve heard you can strain the milk solids out with a sieve, but the milk solids from my butter are always very liquid and would go right through the sieve with the butter oil.

Liquid gold.
Leftover milk solids.

The white stuff at the bottom is the milk solids. You can throw this away, unless you know of some practical use for them. Your beautiful clarified butter will become semi-solid as it cools to room temperature.

Cooled to room temperature.
Two-thirds gone. Notice how it's grainy-looking?

Ideally you would store your clarified butter in a cool dark place, probably the same place you keep your olive and coconut oils. I go through it so fast, though, that I just leave it on the counter within easy reach.


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