Spiritual Sunday: Fill Your Tank

Today was a Fast Sunday for my church, and on Fast Sunday, members of the congregation have the opportunity to go up to the podium and share their testimony. Sometimes a person will share a personal experience/anecdote to illustrate their testimony.

Today this brother (we call each other brothers and sisters) got up and shared a story about how he was riding his motorcycle with a friend, but then it stopped and wouldn’t start up again. He kept trying and it kept sputtering but not starting. He tried a few different things and then looked into the gas tank. He could see gasoline down at the bottom of the tank. He shook it and could hear it sloshing around. There was definitely gas in there; something must be wrong with his bike!

So he took it to a repairman. The repairman asked him if he had gas. “Of course I do,” he said. The repairman looked into the tank and said, “You don’t have enough.”

Isn’t this just like life? We think we can get by on that spiritual experience we had a year or two ago. Or even last month. But guess what? Just like any kind of fuel, it gets used up and you have to replenish. If we don’t have enough spiritual fuel, we stop moving spiritually. In fact, we don’t just stop–we move backwards. Life starts to get confusing and difficult. We putter on, thinking all is well, passing opportunity after opportunity to refuel ourselves because we think we have enough to get by. But then suddenly we are standing in mists of darkness, wondering how the light went out.

In my church we are told over and over from the time we are little that we need to say our prayers and read the scriptures every day and attend church every week. Totally basic, very easy to do, if willing. This is our fuel. I can attest from my personal experience that these things are absolutely critical to seeing life with a proper perspective, feeling peace, and having the spiritual strength to overcome obstacles and then the humble attitude to keep saying those prayers, reading the scriptures and going to church, even when all seems well. It is not wise to wait until your spiritual fuel is almost gone. Half the time, that is too late.

How often do you fill your spiritual tank? Is it often enough, or do you sometimes run out of gas?


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Sunday: Fill Your Tank

  1. I ‘fill my tank’ once a week. And read scripture everyday. At least I have during lent so far. And now trying to go to Mass in the morning.
    I read somewhere that being stagnant is very damaging to your faith. Because if you aren’t growing you aren’t doing anything to become closer with God. Just like a friendship, if you stop talking and stop hanging out you usually don’t remain friends.
    Good post!! The spiritual filling has so much to do with health, it’s really important and people forget.

    1. Love your analogy about friendships. It’s such a great analogy, because when we interact with our friends we grow closer, but when we don’t interact, our friendships don’t just stay the same, but rather dissolve.

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