A New Pair of Shoes

I hate shoes. Sure, there was a time when, like most females, I wanted lots of cute shoes to go with lots of cute outfits, but I could never afford the nice ones, which meant I bought the cheap ones, which often meant they were really uncomfortable and I'd wear them as little as possible. [...]


Beauty from the Inside Out

I have this book sitting on my desk called The Natural Makeover Diet. I thought was fantastic when I first read it years ago, though I find it rather over-simplified now. However, I can attest to the fact that beauty really does come from within. And I do mean physical beauty. We can only look our best [...]

Surviving Easter on GAPS

Ever since my little guy hit toddlerhood, certain holidays have been challenging because people are always trying to give him candy. It's gotten increasingly difficult as he's gotten older. I didn't mind so much when he was a one year old because he didn't eat much sweets anyway. When he was two, I decided to [...]