Beauty from the Inside Out

I have this book sitting on my desk called The Natural Makeover Diet. I thought was fantastic when I first read it years ago, though I find it rather over-simplified now. However, I can attest to the fact that beauty really does come from within. And I do mean physical beauty. We can only look our best on the outside if we are looking good on the inside.

I’ve been noticing some things about my physical appearance lately, that have been changing over the last few months, and I thought I’d share them with you.

My face

  • Has a little less acne (it had already improved a lot over the last several years, but has improved even more).
  • Better coloring–I used to have a face that would probably be pale white if it weren’t for the fact that it was always red. Amazingly, the redness is going away, my skin has “color” now but it’s closer to normal skin color.
  • My cheeks and lips are a rosy pink. I was pleasantly surprised the other day when someone told me I had “good coloring.”
  • My skin is starting to get a “glow” for once in my life, and it’s not from over-production of oil!
  • In case you didn’t catch that, my skin isn’t oily anymore.
  • My skin looks firmer and younger.

My teeth

  • Since my last dental cleaning, no stains have re-appeared on my teeth (I was having big issues with that since I got pregnant over four years ago).
  • My teeth actually look whiter, and I haven’t been using whitening treatments.

My “figure”

  • I’ve lost a little extra “padding”
  • Without even exercising, my muscle tone has gotten better.
  • I seem to have less cellulite (I don’t really look very closely but it does seem to be less visible).

My hair

  • My scalp seems to be less oily, so I can stretch out my hair-washing more.
  • I’m actually still awaiting results on my actual hair quality (it takes a while to regrow a whole head of hair), but the hair closest to my scalp looks nice and shiny! (The rest of my hair looks pretty decent, an improvement from the days when I washed it daily with shampoo and didn’t eat as well as I do now.)

My eyes

  • I actually don’t know if my eyes ever looked bad, but they are bright and shiny!
  • They look less tired.
  • They look “happy.”

How Am I Doing It?

By nourishing my body! I really want to stress here that the weight I lost was not intentional. It was a by-product of eating well. Eating lots of nourishing foods. Instead of restricting calories as some women do to try to become more attractive, I actually ate more. Because the foods were highly nourishing and what my body needed, they got used as energy and put to work at healing my body instead of getting stored as fat. But sometimes I do put on a little weight. I think it’s normal to have a little weight fluctuation, especially when healing. I want to stress that any time I thought I looked a little fatter, I ignored it, because I didn’t want to get distracted by it. Of course, if I was starting to balloon up, I would consider that something might be off.

One thing I’ve eaten a lot of is fat, mostly animal fat. The author of The Natural Makeover Diet is right when she said that fat moisturizes the body. I find it interesting that this past winter I never needed the humidifier on.

Another thing I’ve eaten more of is quality animal protein. I’m pretty sure this is why my muscles have toned up and I’m guessing it is improving the quality of my hair and I’m sure my skin, too (collagen production requires protein, for example). Protein is an important building block of the body, so it would make sense that body structure would improve.

I think my teeth are whiter because they are getting remineralized from my increased and balanced mineral intake, and of course not getting re-stained. I believe the stains were partially related to chocolate and partially related to hormone imbalance.

I am also eating more vegetables and probiotic foods. I eat a moderate amount of nuts/seeds/legumes (equivalent to a couple handfuls). I don’t eat a ton of meat, maybe 3-6 ounces per day, plus at least 2 eggs per day. I consume bone broth on a regular basis. I don’t restrict fats at all, and I consume a variety including beef, pork, chicken, duck, butter, coconut, avocado, nut and seed, fish, and olive oil. I also don’t restrict carbohydrates. I eat about two servings of fruit per day as well as a couple servings of raw cultured dairy, and small amounts of raw honey. The only thing I don’t eat right now is complex sugars and starches because I am temporarily on GAPS to help improve my digestion–oh, and I don’t eat refined vegetable oils or other modern foods, either.

I actually don’t know exactly how everything works and how certain parts of my appearance are improving, but I’m glad they are! I know it’s because I’m giving my body what it needs to heal and function properly. I hope to see even more improvements as time goes on. It’s so rewarding to not only feel better as I work at my diet, but to also look better. It reassures me that I’m doing something right.

As for that book I mentioned--The Natural Makeover Diet–I’d only recommend it if you are afraid of eating traditional foods.


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