A Year Into the Journey

I started this blog a year ago, and what a journey it's been. I've delved deeper into nutrition and health than ever before in my life (and I've always been interested in health!). Oh. My. What a whirlwind. The best part of this journey has been unearthing information that I could never find before. I am [...]


Blackberry Cobbler “Porridge”

We are out of milk, yogurt, and fresh fruit, I didn't soak any cereal grain, and Little Boy doesn't like eggs, so I had to get creative with his breakfast this morning. I did have some walnuts soaking on the counter and blackberries in the freezer.....hmmm....that would work! Blackberry Cobbler "Porridge" Large handful soaked walnuts [...]

Documentary Review: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

I watched this documentary last night, and boy do I wish I hadn't had to give my mom back her juicer. Joe Cross is a successful business investor who lives in Australia. He loved junk food, and it was making him sick. He developed an auto-immune disorder that would cause spontaneous rashes to appear all [...]

The Fluoride Deception

This post is inspired by the section The Fluoride Deception on page 165 of Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. I used to believe in fluoride as a dental treatment that strengthens teeth and protects them against cavities. And why wouldn't I? My fourth grade teacher had us swish with a red fluoride solution every [...]

There is Poison in My Mouth

I am absolutely horrified that I have eight amalgam fillings in my mouth, all of which were probably unnecessary at the time of placement and three of which I believe were a scam. They all contain approximately 50% mercury, the third most toxic known substance in the world (arsenic and lead are slightly worse). I've been [...]