A Day in the Diet

I realized when I wrote my last post that when I say things like, “I’ve gotten healthier as I’ve eaten more meat and more fat,” that my readers don’t know where I started from, so probably have no idea how much of those things I eat. To some, it might sound like I eat tons of meat, when in fact, I eat less than the American average of 9 ounces a day. At least most days, anyway. And when I say I’ve stopped eating grains and I eat more protein and fat, it might sound like I’m on a low-carb diet, when in fact, I’m not. So I thought I’d share what an average day of eating looks like for me.


2 backyard chicken eggs, sauerkraut, nettles tea


1 egg, 1 chicken liver, sauerkraut, nettles tea

Morning Snack*

raw milk yogurt with raw honey


apple with lots of peanut butter


dinner leftovers


soup with homemade bone broth, meat and veggies

Afternoon Snack*

nuts and/or fresh or dried fruit


coconut milk smoothie




guacamole and plantain chips


GAPS-friendly dessert**


beef or chicken or fish or other animal protein with lots of fresh and/or cooked veggies

sometimes organ meat added, sometimes a fermented veggie

Bedtime Snack*

yogurt with honey

fermented cod liver oil

*It’s very rare that I would eat all three snacks in one day. Usually it’s more like one or two. I almost always have the morning snack, though, because my breakfast is fairly low-carb, so I like to get some carbohydrates in soon after, which always gives me an energy boost. I’d eat the carbs with my breakfast, but then I can’t fit the two eggs in my tummy, and I definitely need two eggs a day, and it’s more convenient to eat them in the same meal.

**GAPS-friendly dessert is usually something made with nut meal, eggs, butter, and honey as the main ingredients.

Between the yogurt, honey, fruit, and some higher-carb veggies like carrots, I get plenty of carbohydrates to suit my needs. I cook my eggs in bacon drippings or duck fat. When I make soup I cook the veggies in chicken fat, beef fat, or butter, depending on what I’m making, and I always leave a layer of fat in my bone broths, making my soups very rich with fat. I always eat the chicken skin, I eat most the fat that comes with my beef. I put olive oil on my salads. I don’t feel I eat “a lot” of meat, although it’s definitely more than I used to eat. I don’t love the idea of eating a lot of meat, but if I don’t eat enough, I don’t feel well, so I eat as much as I need to to feel strong and energetic.

My diet is based on a traditional foods diet, with GAPS-diet restrictions (no starch/no disaccharide sugars), and focused on fertility foods and kidney healing foods. Interestingly, these four healing diets mesh very well together. I also take whole food supplements, a glandular supplement, and a probiotic supplement because my body needs the extra nutrients still.

Little Boy eats mostly the same foods I do, although in a proportion that favors carbohydrates more. He always eats a different breakfast because he doesn’t love eggs, so he gets a yogurt smoothie or porridge most mornings (both contain yogurt, egg yolk and berries).



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