There is Poison in My Mouth

I am absolutely horrified that I have eight amalgam fillings in my mouth, all of which were probably unnecessary at the time of placement and three of which I believe were a scam. They all contain approximately 50% mercury, the third most toxic known substance in the world (arsenic and lead are slightly worse).

I’ve been reading Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. The first several chapters are about the crucial role nutrition plays in preventing and healing tooth decay. It exposes the grave error the dental industry has committed in turning its back on Weston Price’s and other dentists’ discoveries that diet plays a much more important role in oral health than oral hygiene does. I’ve enjoyed that portion of the book a great deal, as it gives me the knowledge I need to insure that I keep the rest of my teeth and prevent tooth decay in my child.

Chapter 8 is not so happy. It discusses the problems with modern dental treatments. I already knew that amalgam fillings contain mercury and that other types of fillings are not so great, either (they all have problems, but amalgam is by far the worst), but I had always imagined that the mercury content was small. Because surely–surely–no one in their right mind would put a substance that was 50% mercury into the mouths of people!! But they do.

Ramiel Nagel also brought something to my attention: Dentists place fillings before teeth even begin to hurt. As a kid, I do remember noticing this. I would have zero tooth complaints, go to the dentist, get x-rays, and then the dentist told me I had a cavity (or two) and he needed to drill it out and fill it with a “silver” filling. I am not kidding you when I say that he actually told me it was “real silver” as if I was lucky to be getting it wedged into my tooth. (By the way, it is actually against the ADA code of ethics for a dentist to tell you that amalgam fillings are toxic or recommend that you have them removed, and a dentist can lose his or her license if they do so.) Anyway, given the dentist’s reasoning for drilling, I thought that cavities were infections that would devour my teeth if they weren’t removed right away. But it turns out, that if diet changes are made, the tooth can remineralize and become immune to further decay. Since my teeth never hurt, there was really no reason to drill huge chunks out of them and fill them with poison.  In fact, I do remember one good dentist I had when I was a teenager, who said I had three small cavities but that we would “watch them” to see if they got worse.

On the other hand, when I first moved up to Oregon and saw a new dentist, he told me I had three cavities that needed be filled right away. I didn’t feel right about it, but instead of listening to my intuition, I allowed him to fill them. At that point I had heard of mercury fillings but did not know that they were called amalgam. So when I asked what kind of fillings they were, it did me no good. Despite my inquiry,  I had no idea I was getting poisonous mercury put into my mouth. Again. And here’s the kicker; I don’t even think I had cavities. I think he was lying to me. And those three fillings he placed are the biggest and most destructive ones in my mouth. He drilled away so much of my teeth that I am not even sure they could be replaced. He told me that my teeth decayed very easily and that I was destined to get more cavities. I never went back to him, and in the last ten years since seeing him, I have not had one cavitity. Unfortunately, the damage he did to my teeth is permanent and the large fillings he placed have been poisoning me ever since.

Dentists would have you believe that mercury (amalgam) fillings are safe, that the mercury stays within the filling. This is not true in the least. I recently watched a documentary that included a segment on mercury fillings. With special equipment, they demonstrated the off-gassing of mercury vapors from various teeth receiving various stimulation, similar to the video shown below. Simply eating a meal or brushing one’s teeth can release a very dangerous amount of mercury vapor, from just one filling. I have eight.

In the documentary, those involved in the demonstration wore gas masks. Mercury is so toxic that they didn’t want to breathe any of it in. And yet, those of us with amalgam fillings are breathing in mercury vapors constantly. I shudder to think I am sharing my poisonous vapors with my little boy any time I breathe near him. I also shared my mercury poisoning with him while he was developing in the womb, and every time he has breastfed, he has likely gotten a dose of mercury with his milk. It’s very frustrating to me that while I have gone out of my way to avoid toxic substances in our food, in our house, in our clothing, in our personal care products, in our eating and cooking utensils and everywhere else that I have any amount of control, I cannot get away from this constant exposure to the third most toxic substance on the planet. Anyone else think this might be affecting my health?

Mercury is a neurotoxin and it can also damage the kidneys, liver and the gut. Wow, the three areas of my body I have focused on healing all these many months. Could it be a coincidence that the three weakest areas in my body are the same areas most affected by mercury?

I know what I need to do. I need to have the fillings removed. It will be expensive. It will require finding a trustworthy holistic dentist who knows how to remove fillings safely (removing amalgam fillings incorrectly can expose the patient to so much mercury during the removal process that they can contract a serious illness). I have no idea if it’s even okay to have fillings removed now, if I am planning to try to get pregnant soon, but growing another baby inside my mercury contaminated body is something I would like to avoid. I’m really, really sad that I have eight horrible, poisonous fillings in my mouth, and I just wish the dental industry wasn’t so corrupt, just like every other large organization in this world.


6 thoughts on “There is Poison in My Mouth

    1. I’m way more bothered that cities dump fluoride into drinking water and that pediatricians recommend fluoride pills for small children than I am about dentists recommending a topical application. But yeah. Poison, poison, poison. It’s a wonder any of us are still fertile.

  1. Very frustrating! There are so so many things I wish I had known about this stuff before now – before the treatments I have had! I’ve been lucky for the most part, though, and have had a great dentist for 15 years who is very hands-off for the most part (wait to see what cavities do, rather than drill them). Keep us posted on what you decide to do!

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