Blackberry Cobbler “Porridge”

We are out of milk, yogurt, and fresh fruit, I didn’t soak any cereal grain, and Little Boy doesn’t like eggs, so I had to get creative with his breakfast this morning. I did have some walnuts soaking on the counter and blackberries in the freezer…..hmmm….that would work!


Blackberry Cobbler “Porridge”

Large handful soaked walnuts (preferably still wet but dried would be okay)
Small handful blackberries
1 egg
Sprinkling of salt
2 tsp (or as desired) of honey
Sprinkling of cinnamon

Place all ingredients into a food processor (I use the mini bowl insert on mine) and pulse ingredients until walnuts are about the size of cereal grains.

Oil a pan with unsalted butter or ghee. Cook mixture in pan over medium heat, stirring off and on to prevent burning and achieve even cooking.

When cooked to desired dryness, transfer to a cereal bowl. All it needs at this point is milk, cream, yogurt (I’d recommend plain or vanilla) or even vanilla ice cream if you want to make a dessert of it. Seeing as we are out of milk, Little Boy had his plain and it was still pretty good!

I’m definitely going to try this as a dessert some time.


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