A Year Into the Journey

I started this blog a year ago, and what a journey it’s been. I’ve delved deeper into nutrition and health than ever before in my life (and I’ve always been interested in health!). Oh. My. What a whirlwind.

The best part of this journey has been unearthing information that I could never find before. I am just astounded by all the information I’ve gathered that I had never had access to before. It’s like you just have to get lucky and find that secret door into the world of real health, and then it all comes rushing in at you.

That’s not to say I think I know everything. Oh, no. It’s like that saying, The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know.  Just when I think I’ve got something figured out, I’ll read or watch or hear something that makes me rethink it all over again. It’s pretty annoying, but by now I’ve come to expect it. In fact, sometimes I’ll start a blog post, then save it for a couple weeks to see what new information pops up on the topic, because something always does.

The wonderful news is that many things I’ve felt conflicted about in the past, I can now feel confident about. Here are some of the things I’ve come to believe about health and food:

  • There are no “evil” foods. All foods have benefits.
  • Foods also all have the potential to cause harm. Eating well requires wisdom.
  • Vegetables are definitely a good thing, unless your body doesn’t like them.
  • There are benefits to raw, cooked and fermented foods.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all answer to health problems.
  • Dietary needs are individual.
  • Animal products should come from animals eating as natural a diet as possible.
  • Produce should be grown as naturally as possible, too.
  • There is an unbelievable amount of corruption in the health and food industries.
  • There is also a small but growing number of honest people doing things right.
  • Unnatural processing and engineering of foods cause disease.
  • Too much stress causes disease.
  • Toxins cause disease, and our bodies can only detox so much on their own.
  • Kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal health are extremely important to the rest of the body.
  • Food has the potential to heal. It really does.
  • Drugs may have their place, but they are also harmful and should be used with great caution and never in place of nourishment.
  • Modern doctors do not really know how to heal people. Or if they do, they aren’t always allowed to.
  • There is a spiritual element to healing.
  • There is an emotional element to healing.
  • There is a mental element to healing.
  • There is an energetic element to healing.
  • And, of course, there is a physical element to healing.
  • Exercise really is important. Like really important.
  • So is sleep.
  • There are so many deceptions surrounding health I can hardly stand it sometimes.
  • I really, really do believe in the Word of Wisdom (which I promise I will write about one day).
  • Addictions can be destructive.
  • “Scientific” studies are often flawed. Especially when there is a conflict of interest.
  • Eating local and in season is a really good idea.
  • So is supporting small farms.
  • Best results come from working with nature, not against it.
  • Judging a person based on what they eat is stupid.
  • Many societal problems would diminish if we all just ate fresh, organic food from small, bio-dynamic farms.
  • Health is one of the most valuable assets a person can have.

My healing journey is not over. I’ve made great strides in the last year and improved my health quite a lot, but I now understand that there are many layers to my health problems and I will have to dig deeper. On some level, I’ve known this all along. A lot of things have jumped out at me over the years that I’ve never had the time (or the mindset) to investigate. I really hope I can work my way through the layers before some serious illness befalls me.

I continue to pray for guidance. There is no way I could do this without divine help. There is just too much information, too much misleading information, and too much individuality. I feel incredibly blessed to have gotten as far as I have.


5 thoughts on “A Year Into the Journey

  1. Congratulations on year one of the blog! It sure seems like you have been on quite the journey learning about health related foods and topics this past year. Isn’t it wonderful to have all that documented here to remind you how far you’ve come?!

    1. It is! It’s weird to me that it’s only been a year or less since I’ve known some of this stuff. So much of it is really common sense if you think about it.

      1. I know, right?! At first it takes a little digging, and willingness to try new things, but then there is so much good information out there and the health that follows feels so good. So happy that you’re following your heart and eating for health. Love you!!!

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