Recipe: Spiced Mixed Nuts

This recipe is GAPS, paleo, traditional, and vegan friendly. As far as diet philosophies go, nuts are pretty well accepted, from primal paleos to raw vegans. So as long as no one is allergic to them, this makes a great snack for get-togethers of all kinds. The recipe below isn't technically raw, but with some [...]


Documentary Review: Vanishing of the Bees

The world over and throughout history, bees have always been held in high regard. They work hard, they work together, they save up...and they help our food to grow. Bees play such a vital role in our existence. As much as one third of the food we eat is effected by bee pollination. Yet honey bees have [...]

“Cheating” on my GAPS Diet: an Experiment

Yesterday was my stepsister's birthday, and she wanted to go to Papa Haydn's (restaurant popular for it's dessert menu) to celebrate. I've made some minor "cheats" on my diet a few times in the last month or so since I started GAPS back in February. I haven't been trying or wanting to cheat, and I really [...]

Struggle and Success Saturday: Trapped by Poison?

Earlier this week I wrote a nice long, cathartic post on the subject of me feeling like I was trapped by poison, (i.e. mercury and fluoride). It's a little too long-winded and I didn't want to waste anyone's time, so this shorter post will do. I was actually starting to feel depressed over the mercury [...]

Spiritual Sunday: The Word of Wisdom

It's been almost a year since I've been meaning to write this post and others relating to my religion's health code, the Word of Wisdom. I've mentioned it probably several times, but never have I actually explained it. So here goes. The Word of Wisdom is found in a book of modern day scripture called [...]