“Cheating” on my GAPS Diet: an Experiment

Yesterday was my stepsister’s birthday, and she wanted to go to Papa Haydn’s (restaurant popular for it’s dessert menu) to celebrate. I’ve made some minor “cheats” on my diet a few times in the last month or so since I started GAPS back in February. I haven’t been trying or wanting to cheat, and I really don’t like that word used with eating, anyhow, but whatever. It was more like I was tired of never, ever, ever eating something that I didn’t make myself. I wanted to go to lunch with my boy, so we did. At our health food store. He had roast beef sandwich on traditionally made sourdough bread (he’s getting a few traditionally prepared grains now), and I got a salmon cesar salad. I had a bite of his sandwich. The salad dressing had mystery ingredients, which I’m positive included canola oil and I can tell it makes me feel a little different. That’s pretty much been the extent of my “cheating.”

Well, anyway. I wasn’t sure what to do about this birthday trip to a restaurant for dessert. I didn’t want to eat anything that wasn’t on my diet plan. I love the food I eat on GAPS and I don’t feel deprived at all. It tastes good and I feel good from eating it. I want to continue on this path of good health. I seriously have no desire to eat non-GAPS food (except maybe the occasional sandwich…okay, yes, I miss sandwiches, but that’s it). So, I wasn’t all like “I’m gonna live it up tonight!” It was more like, “What can I order that won’t make me feel too sick?” and “What can I order that would possibly be worth it if it did make me feel sick?” I didn’t want to not order anything.

In the end I decided I would use the occasion as a test to see how well I handled non-GAPS food. I decided to avoid wheat and went for a simple ice cream. Actually might have been gelato. Salted caramel flavor. Sounds yummy, right? I was utterly unimpressed by it. It was way too sweet and had an off flavor to it. I only ate about one scoop. I also ordered a bowl of French onion soup, and I didn’t like that, either! I’ve become quite the food snob, I guess. I forced myself to eat some of the soup, but in the end I ate less than half of the food I ordered. It was $8.50 for that soup by the way, ugh. $3 for the ice cream, $2 for tip = $13.50 for a meal I could barely eat. All I could think was that I could have almost bought a whole gallon of raw milk for that price. Needless to say, I won’t be eating out again for a while.

On the drive back to my stepsister’s house (which was where my car was), I felt sleepy–an obvious side effect from the sugar. I only had one scoop, though! It’s so weird, honey doesn’t do this to me. I have honey-sweetened treats frequently, and I get nothing like this (I don’t make them super sweet, but I could eat twice as much honey-sweetened ice cream and not get that effect). As I was driving myself home, I actually felt a little out of it. I remember I used to feel this way a lot. But not these days. It was obviously from the food.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. I had a stomachache. From one scoop of ice cream!

I love eating food that tastes good, and I enjoy indulging in sweets, but I do not like feeling like crap. Fortunately, I can make food that both tastes delicious to me and makes me feel good. It’s just too bad I can never have a break from doing the cooking!

Oh, I almost forgot. The last couple of times I had ice cream before I went on GAPS, I noticed I would have mood swings the next day. That did not happen this time–I hope that is a sign of healing progression!


2 thoughts on ““Cheating” on my GAPS Diet: an Experiment

  1. I always get a stomach ache from ice cream. I can handle 3-4 bites and that’s it. For some reason, I don’t like ice cream enough to eat it often, and sometimes, especially a couple times each summer, I will indulge in a Baskin Robbins cone and endure the stomach ache…but mostly I avoid it. I have other foods that give me the same reaction though, that I’m not as good at avoiding. (Cookies, brownies, etc.!)

    1. I have always gotten stomachaches from cookies and brownies, too. I think it might mostly be a sugar thing for me, although I’m pretty sure I react to grains (or maybe just gluten) and lactose. The sweets I have made with nut meal instead of wheat flour and smaller amounts of natural sweetener instead of cane sugar don’t bother me…except the one time I made cookies with way too much honey–tummyache galore!

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