Struggle and Success Saturday

Just another update here, so I can remember.

I’m doing pretty well. I have mostly good days now. I still get days here and there where I feel like being a lazy blob, but they are far fewer than they used to be. However, my sleep requirement has shot back up to 10 hours a day. I had gotten it down to 8.5-9 hours after I had been on GAPS for maybe a month. I was eating more liver and oysters at that point, which could be why. I’ve gotten lazy and have only been taking glandular supplements. They help my energy, but maybe not enough. Could be something else, though. I’m not sure. Could be that our blinds are open at night a lot to let cool air in but also letting in the street light. Could be that I am taking chlorella every day, which detoxes. I take it because it is supposed to trap mercury before it can get into the tissues in the body, and carry it out of the body. In this way, I am hoping to prevent too much more mercury from contaminating my organs. I’m probably not even taking enough–I just take two tabs after I brush my teeth (I’m assuming that brushing releases more mercury than eating does, but I could be wrong).

As for those fillings…I am really dragging my feet about going to the dentist and having them removed. It’s a little scary for me. And I know it will be expensive. And, I am practically handicapped when it comes to making appointments. I used to have an irrational fear of talking on the phone, and even though I’m not scared anymore, I still hate making phone calls. I’m actually reading Hal Huggins’ It’s All in Your Head, a book about the toxicity of amalgam fillings. Should help push me into making that appointment.

About a week ago I started getting some mild anxiety. I realized it was because I was low on zinc and magnesium. I hadn’t had beef in a while and I’ve not been good about drinking enough bone broth. So I took supplements and ate a bunch of beef and felt much better. I just love that I knew exactly what was wrong with me and how to treat it–with nutrition. It even works faster than Prozac.

I have been a little bit snappy this week as my period was approaching. Maybe if I was really on top of eating well, I would have no PMS symptoms, but being snappy is worlds better than what I used to go through. Having no symptoms would seem like a miracle.

This last week I learned that our dairy farmer has a pregnant cow that is due in two months. He’s really a great dairy farmer. I mean, really, really wonderful. He has guernseys which produce exceptionally healthy A2/A2 milk, and they are 100% grassfed. He says they are one of only three dairies in the US that produce this high standard of milk. However, he is not so great at communication. His store is self-serve, which means I almost never see him. All communications are through email. He doesn’t have a blog, and I wish he did. So it came as a shock to me to find only one half gallon of milk for me in the fridge this last week instead of three half gallons, because they had dried off the pregnant cow (it’s standard to dry them off two months before calving). I honestly thought I would cry. I wanted to. We are so dependent on that milk and there is no equal replacement near us. I’ve had to settle for pasteurized grassfed cheese from New Zealand and a raw (not grassfed) cheese that are sold at Trader Joe’s, and a grassfed pasteurized milk that is brand new from Organic Valley and sold at New Seasons, our grocery store. The milk I have used to make yogurt. We will have to try to eat more cheese and then also more fruit for additional carbs.

Unfortunately, Little Boy still gets psycho when he eats too much fruit. It’s so hard to feed him balanced meals without milk sometimes. I wish I could hog the milk up for myself since I am trying to heal and prep my body for pregnancy, but I can’t let him go without milk when he needs it. I hate this rationing thing. It really sucks.

Anyway, I think that’s it. We are enjoying summer and I am actually tanner than I usually get, so hopefully that means I’m getting enough vitamin D. Oh, wait, one other thing. I’ve gained weight. Belly fat to be precise. I’m wondering if this is also from the street light at night, or just eating too much, or something else. I’m not too worried at this point, though. Anyway, overall, things are pretty good.


6 thoughts on “Struggle and Success Saturday

  1. Belly fat was my first sign that I wasn’t getting enough carbs. I have never deposited fat in my belly before as I am a pear shape so it definitely surprised and worried me.

    Sorry about your raw milk situation! I hear you about the raw milk rationing. My husband doesn’t even drink it anymore, just our daughter at one gallon a week. We only pay $5/gallon but we still have to budget it. At times we have 4 different kinds of milk in our Fridge for everyones different needs. Goat and coconut for me, pasturized whole for hubs, and the raw for my daughter. It gets crowded in there.

    I just found out the despite my sunbathing I am deficient in Vitamin D. It surprised me since I had been taking large doses of cod liver oil. I am going to start supplementing at 10000 iu per day for 6 months and getting my levels retested in 3. Apparently many of my symptoms can be attributed to insufficient vitamin D.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure about the belly fat, but it is where fat tends to show up on me, when I do gain weight. I’ve only gained about five pounds, though. Don’t think it’s lack of carbs–if anything, I’m eating more carbs in the form of summer fruit. It could just be the abundance of food at this time of year.

      Just a couple days after writing this, my friend told me she found out she was deficient in vitamin D. She was thinking low thyroid or gluten intolerance or some other deficiency, but so far she’s just found out about the vitamin D deficiency (I think). So then that got me thinking…I was doing well when I was supplementing D before the weather got sunny, so maybe I still need the supplement (in addition to the CLO). I haven’t been tested, though…thinking maybe I should.

      I’m jealous your milk is only $5 a gallon! Ours has just gone up to $16 a gallon. It was $9 when I started buying from him last year, and even that was hard to swallow. Then he went 100% grassfed and testing costs have gone up–oh, well, it’s worth it. I’m just grateful we are able to afford it.

      1. Carrie,

        Belly fat and carbs? That’s interesting. I’m not very surprised with that though!

        What other symptoms have you noticed with vitamin D deficiency? I’m the friend she was talking about- I am doing an extra 10k too. I don’t think they tested me for gluten, the fax to the lab was all screwed up when I went. I might get that tested again. But the vitamin d sure does explain my lack of energy!

  2. Lisa,
    So awesome you found what fixed your anxiety. I think all my beef consumption helps because I used to worry way more than I currently do. I always wonder of it was the diet change or I’m just too busy with my kids to worry anymore. But either way I’ll take it.
    I hope you keep getting enough milk for two months. Usa wanted me to get extra from my
    Milk lady for her but she ended up getting enough. And now that I’m so in life with our milk I’m so sad when we don’t get it. I don’t know what took me so long, but I sure love that

    1. That’s so cool to hear you say you love the milk! Must be doing your body good if your taste buds adapted 😉

      I bet the beef is helping you. And the CLO. Zinc and omega-3’s are so important for proper brain function. Well, and so many other things in a traditional/paleo diet.

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