Struggle & Success Saturday: Kitchen Adventures

I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen a lot lately. It took me forever and ever to make my first batch of sauerkraut, and once I finally did, I tucked it safely in the back of the fridge where I’ve never touched it. I guess the bad experience I had making sauerkraut several years ago still remains with me. lol

I got brave a couple months ago and make pickled beets. Well, not really brave, I had a feeling I would like them. I did, in fact, love them, after they had been untouched for about a month, lol. Now that I knew I could like fermented veggies, I decided to try some more with all the excess veggies we’ve been getting from garden and CSA.

Now, when I use the term “pickle” I mean “traditionally fermented.”

  • Pickled green beans: Very tasty, a big success.
  • Pickled zucchini: Might just be the recipe, but kind of blech. But I don’t really like zucchini, though, so could be that.
  • Pickled cauliflower: Good. I like better than cooked or plain raw, so for me it’s an improvement for this food.
  • Pickled radishes: Yummy. I was getting so sick of all the radishes we were getting weekly from the CSA, so not only does this preserve them for later, but it also makes them taste different, which is a good thing if you are tired of eating them plain and raw.
  • Pickled watermelon rind: Nooooooo. It tasted like the ocean, with a hint of cinnamon and cardamon (because I thought those would be good for some reason). I’m learning that I tend to like the fermented veggie in relation to how much I like the non-fermented veggie. And I do not like watermelon rind.
  • Pickled cucumber: Very yummy. May be my favorite pickles (as in cucumber pickles) that I’ve ever had.

I’ve also been brewing kombucha. I made a SCOBY from scratch and everything has developed really fast, probably due to the warm weather. I’m trying rooibos kombucha. I haven’t found clear info on doing it with rooibos tea, which is actually an herbal tea and does not contain the caffeine that kombucha likes, so I’m keeping some regular tea kombucha going, too, so the SCOBYs can be nice and healthy. If the rooibos  works well enough, I may ditch the regular tea.

Those are my successes (I even consider the flop picklings success because I at least tried them).

My struggles include the constant struggle of dealing with dishes. I could probably keep up if I was more disciplined, but I am just not there yet. I hate messes, though, so it’s really not a good cycle. I also have had days where I just don’t feel like cooking. I wish I could just pull out some bread and make a sandwich. I am looking forward to eating bread again one day JUST so I can have sandwiches. I’m not sure what we eat on these non-cooking days, but somehow we survive.

I’m also not getting my broth every day, simply because I have not felt like chopping veggies for soup (and I don’t like doing perpetual broth and I don’t like heating up individual cups of soup on the stove and I won’t use the microwave). My cats, however, are getting broth daily. Nice and cold. They like it.

Still not working out, but pretty active doing all kinds of things.

Going to stop there because I should be in bed already. Something else I need to get more disciplined on. Goodnight!!


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