Genetically Modified Foods: Why and How to Avoid

The new documentary Genetic Roulette was available to watch for free online recently (I hope some of my Facebook fans took advantage of the link I provided! It can still be viewed online for a donation of $2.99--It is a MUST WATCH). I knew GMOs were bad, but I had no idea how dangerous they really [...]


Visit to a Mercury-free Dentist

Last week I met with Dr W, a mercury-free dentist. I had found him on my own through searching on Google, and then he also appeared on a list Dr B the ND gave me. His website was very reassuring that he would use the safest procedure for mercury removal. I liked that he used [...]

How to Get Enough Carbs On GAPS

I'm hearing a lot these days of how people are developing more health problems on paleo or GAPS because they went too low carb. Sometimes it's accidental (GAPS can easily become low carb if you have to restrict fruit or dairy), and sometimes it's on purpose (as it is for some people who embark on [...]