Getting My Fillings Replaced, Part II

This past summer, I saw a naturopath who is experienced with dealing with mercury toxicity. She wanted me to replace all of my fillings right away because I was planning to get pregnant (if I wasn't going to get pregnant, she would have wanted to only remove a couple at a time and space it [...]


Product Review: Paleo Treats

A little while ago a box of goodies was sent to me from Paleo Treats. They asked me to write a review if I liked them. Well, I do like them, so here's my review! Paleo Treats are made with ingredients allowed on the Paleo Diet. I think there is some debate out there whether [...]

Getting My Fillings Replaced, Part I

It took me a while to work up the courage to ask my husband if I could spend over $2000 to get my amalgam fillings replaced with safer ones. This last September I got a quote from a holistic dentist, who specializes in removing amalgams, and I have finally gotten around to getting them removed. This has [...]

Gingerbread Cookies

At church choir practice today, everyone was gushing over these gingerbread cookies someone had brought. I had been fasting and just did not want to know how good they were. When I got home, I decided to one-up those cookies--at least in the eyes of my four-year-old. We didn't just make boring, round gingerbread cookies--we made gingerbread men! (and [...]