Getting My Fillings Replaced, Part I

It took me a while to work up the courage to ask my husband if I could spend over $2000 to get my amalgam fillings replaced with safer ones. This last September I got a quote from a holistic dentist, who specializes in removing amalgams, and I have finally gotten around to getting them removed. This has been a major road block to my feeling ready to get pregnant again, and I’m so glad it’s finally being taken care of.

I am getting my amalgam fillings removed because they contain about 50% mercury, which is one of the most toxic substances on earth and it has been linked to many health problems including the development of autism in children and kidney problems, which are my two greatest concerns right now because my kidneys are my weakest organ and I’m wanting to have another baby.

Despite what most dentists will tell you, mercury does escape from fillings. The friction caused by chewing food or brushing teeth releases mercury vapor from amalgam fillings. In this post I included a video which demonstrates this. The vapor is swallowed or inhaled and goes into the bloodstream and later embeds itself into the tissues of the body. Mercury vapor is also released into the air around a person with amalgams and can be breathed in by anyone around them.

Fillings should not be removed during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. I figured that if I didn’t have mine removed before I got pregnant, I would be looking at about five years before I had another chance to remove them because I intend to breastfeed my next child a long time as I did with my first. Five years is a long time to continue dealing with problems caused by mercury. Time that I could be healing further and getting healthier. Plus, I don’t want to expose another baby to mercury. So, even though I wanted to get pregnant last summer, or October at the latest, I’m still not pregnant because I hadn’t had the fillings out yet.

It’s ideal to wait at least 12 months after amalgam removal before getting pregnant. This allows time for gentle chelation of the mercury. Mercury chelation is not something you want to rush. As the mercury is released from the body’s tissues it needs to be carried off to the bowels and evacuated that way. If too much is released into the bloodstream at once, it can re-implant itself into other tissues, causing more problems. Fun stuff, eh?

Because I am eager to get pregnant, I do not plan on doing a full year of chelation. My plan is to see my naturopath after all my fillings are out and get evaluated. I am hoping that a couple months of detoxing will be sufficient before I get pregnant. I have heard that the body starts dumping mercury from the tissues once the body is no longer being exposed to mercury. However, the naturopath seemed to think it would be okay (although not ideal for my own health) to go ahead and get pregnant without chelating first. During pregnancy I plan to continue taking chlorella (which I’ve been on since February) because it carries free-floating mercury out of the body without releasing any extra. Hopefully this will clean up any mercury that my tissues might release while I’m pregnant.

In my next post I will describe my experience having my fillings removed.


18 thoughts on “Getting My Fillings Replaced, Part I

  1. Hi there! Awesome to get those fillings out! You might be interested in reading about chelation in the GAPS Diet book in the chapter on detoxification. Natasha doesn’t recommend it. But then I’ve also read it as a recommended procedure elsewhere… 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, that does sound familiar now that you mention it. I remember her recommending fresh vegetable juice for detoxing. I know that cilantro and whey are both natural chelators, and I would feel more comfortable with those. Obviously my ND is okay with using chelating drugs, but I know she is also wanting to be careful because of my kidneys, so I am sure whatever she would recommend would be fairly gentle. I guess I’ll just see what she has to say. Mostly I want to see what she says about getting pregnant and maybe she will have my mercury level tested.

  2. I am curious if you had them removed and if so how long did you wait to get pregnant afterwards? Did you have your mercury levels tested and if so what test did they do?

    1. I did have them replaced and wrote about four posts in this series. There is a link to the next post in the last paragraph. My husband didn’t want to wait long before trying to get pregnant, however we didn’t put a lot of effort into getting pregnant until my sixth cycle after having the amalgams out–which is when I got pregnant. I decided not to have my mercury tested because I went on chelation drugs for a couple days when I had the fillings replaced and decided it was too hard on my body–and you have to use the drugs to get tested.

  3. I just came across your blog. I had a filling removed by a holistic dentist who practice most proper protocols. My filling was intact, but I decided to have it removed prior to pregnancy. After researching online, I have read wait 18-24 months before pregnancy? I was planning on 3-6 months and I only had one removed. I was tested for metals by my neuropath using Nutritional testing and nothing came up, he said sometimes it can take 3-6 months to show up but I should be fine. I also did not detox, my dentist never suggested this to me. The more I search online the more I am nervous about getting pregnant. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Kelly. I understand your concern. I have read that the body dumps accumulated mercury at around 6 months and 12 months (and maybe 18 months?) after amalgam removal. I personally wouldn’t be concerned about just one filling, unless you are pretty certain you’ve accumulated a lot of mercury from it. I had eight removed, and I am pretty sure my body dumped mercury from my kidneys (and probably other places) while I was pregnant. My now 14 month old baby isn’t showing any problems. She is extremely healthy. I did do my best to eat well during pregnancy and followed the diet for pregnant and nursing mothers as outlined by the Weston A Price Foundation as much as I could. The diet helps protect the fetus from toxins, so I do think that is worth looking into, aside from that it really helps mother and baby to be optimally healthy during and after pregnancy. You can read my post about this diet and a link to the actual recommendations if you are interested: You can also look at my post about detoxification: In particular, I think looking into intestinal binders (things like probiotics and chlorella that bind to mercury in the gut and carry it out of the body), is a good idea, because it can capture mercury that has been released and should be safe during pregnancy, especially if you start taking them before you get pregnant.

      1. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I eat 90 percent organic and a pretty well balanced diet. I will definitely check this diet out though to make sure I am getting proper nutrients to have a healthy baby. Did you use chlorella? I don’t have any symptoms of toxicity, I didn’t before I had it removed either I was just being precautions. Lastly, how long did you wait till getting pregnant? Thank you! My husband thinks I’m nuts but I just want to make sure before ttc 🙂

      2. I used chlorella for a year before I had my amalgams removed, to help reduce how much mercury I was absorbing. I had intended to keep using it while pregnant, but I didn’t. I did, however, drink about 2.5 gallons of raw milk every week, and whey (a component of milk) helps to detoxify from mercury. So I think that may have helped me. I wouldn’t recommend powdered whey during pregnancy, though. I used some powdered whey for a little while after the removal, and noticed detox effects. I quit the powdered whey because of that.

        I waited about five months before I got pregnant. By that time I was feeling good about it. I said a lot of prayers that I wouldn’t get pregnant unless I could have a healthy baby, and at five months after the removal, I felt good about it. I had also been on the fertility diet for a little over a year by that time, which for me I believe was really important in building up my nutritional reserves since I get a great deal of nausea and food aversions when I’m pregnant.

  4. I am pregnant now. I had 3 silver fillings removed, not properly, over a year ago. I have 2 left because I needed to find a better dentist and I was being treated for SIBO so wasn’t the right time. My pregnancy was a surprise. It sounds like it’s not recommend to have the fillings removed while pregnant or breastfeeding. Is there anything you did in your first pregnancy, like taking chlorella, to minimize impact on the baby?

    1. Hi Carol, sorry for my delayed response. I did not know about this during my first pregnancy, but before I had my amalgams removed prior to my second pregnancy, I did take chlorella, two tablets per day, until some time after I had had them removed. I had intended to continue taking them during pregnancy, but I stopped…probably due to morning sickness and not being able to swallow pills well. I do think taking chlorella is a good idea, though. I recommend doing your own research, of course, but I did read of one study that seemed to show it to be okay to take during pregnancy, and it’s even recommended as preeclampsia prevention in the book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year. I’m in my third pregnancy now and have just started taking it again for the extra minerals.

  5. Hi Lisa. I know this comment comes about one year after the last comment. I just want to see how you feel now. I removed 5 amalgam fillings in the past week (with no proper removal) so I think I got exposed to Mercury.
    I plan to get TTC asap! Cannot afford chelating for one year or so. How is your baby now? After how long after removing fillings you conceived? Did you take any ALA? After how long?

    1. Hi, I am so sorry, I don’t know why your comment came through to me so late, I am just seeing it! My baby is 3.5 and she has muscle tested as having prenatal mercury exposure, but she does not have any serious issues. I do believe the very nutrient dense diet I was on was protective to a degree. If you are already pregnant, please watch out for vaccinations in pregnancy as they DO contain mercury and aluminum. Also, you could get on sodium ascorbate, chlorella and probiotics, but always start low in pregnancy and build up slowly. You may wish to consult with a naturopath.

  6. Hi there,
    I just discovered your post after googling “falling pregnant the same week I had 6 amalgams removed”…yes that’s me, I have just returned home after a week abroad having all my Mercury fillings removed (biological dentist) to take a pregnancy test and find that I am pregnant. Totally devastated that I may have or be exposing my tiny little embryo to Mercury in such an extreme measure. I wrote to my dentist and asked his opinion and he believes that through his protocol of safe removal that I would not have received much Mercury, however what I have read on the Internet is startling and very scary. I want to be jumping for joy but I’m so so scared that I my have exposed my baby to so much poison, at such a critical time… Do to have any advice to pass on about this? It would go so greatly appreciated… Thank you

    1. Hi Daphne! I can understand your concern! Hopefully any mercury hasn’t reached your little baby. I don’t know what you’ve read on the Internet, so you may have more information than I have on this specific issue. My biggest concern about getting pregnant after removal was the “dumping” of mercury from the organs it’s collected in over the years that supposedly happens when you remove the source. Here’s what I would do: I would start taking broken-cell chlorella and probiotics. Ease into them both–don’t just start taking a bunch. And also because I can’t give you medical advice, I suggest you check with a doctor/naturopath, but I know there has been a study on chlorella during pregnancy that showed it was safe, and of course probiotics are. But a naturopath may have a better idea of a good dosage. Personally I would probably take two tablets of chlorella, and work up to maybe a triple dose of probiotics, unless my naturopath had a better plan. Both of these have the quality of hanging onto heavy metals in the digestive tract and taking them out of the body. The idea is that if anything is still leaking from your teeth, it will go to the digestive tract first, and any mercury floating around the body can wind up there, too. If you can find a naturopath that is familiar with heavy metal detoxification, you may want to see them for further advice. Otherwise, say a prayer and try not to stress!

  7. Hi Lisa
    So glad I came across this. I have about 10 fillings I am saving for to get removed (v expensive as only done privately in the uk). I started taking chlorella (broken cell wall) but found my teeth started to throb painfully and this would even wake me at night. I stopped as was afraid it was pulling mercury from my fillings. Your post indicates this is not true, but did you experience anything like that?

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