2012 in Review & Goals for 2013



It’s fun to look back at my yearly goals and see how much I accomplished. I just looked at my list from last year. I had four main goals: Exercise, do the GAPS diet, plan my church music in advance (I select and lead songs for our women’s meeting), and “continue being awesome.”

I did successfully start the GAPS diet and am still trudging along on it. I did get notably better at planning my music ahead of time. I think I have most definitely succeeded at continuing to be awesome. And while I did get more “active” I did not succeed in getting into a regular exercise routine. Not bad, I’d say.

I also had a long wish list of things I thought I’d like to do, and I accomplished some of those, too.

When I look back on 2012 as a whole, I can say it was a wonderful year. One of my favorites, ever. My health improved dramatically, and I was able to witness myself becoming more disciplined as I learned new things, spent a great deal more time preparing healthy foods for my family, worked in my garden, and in the last several weeks, worked on my book (I’m writing a fiction novel). The summer was glorious as we spent time outside in the garden and going to parks and rivers and other locations that are best enjoyed in the summertime. We did our first u-picks. I think I got the best tan in my life this last summer (although that isn’t saying much).

I faced a fear and got my fillings replaced. I made sacrifices for my health that have shown me that getting great nutrition really is worth the extra money. I’ve also learned how to save on groceries without sacrificing quality. We had our first CSA membership! I learned new gardening skills. I learned to make so many ferments, including various pickled vegetables, fermented applesauce, kombucha, yogurt, kefir (my second go at it), and sourdough bread.

I made an effort to spend more time with my family. Hubby always takes over childcare when he gets home from work (he’s awesome, I know), but I tried to help out more in the evenings and just tried to be more present, instead of holing myself up in my office. Family time is always worth it.

I had an amazing time with my church calling as music specialist. I have truly been blessed because of it and I know the Lord has been inspiring me, guiding me, and strengthening me in it. It’s actually improved me as a person. 2012 was a year of shedding off a lot of weaknesses and becoming more myself than I’ve ever been.


I thought I was only going to have one new resolution: To exercise. Then I got to thinking about it, and I came up with all these other goals. They are all things I really want/feel I need and have been on my mind anyway.

  • Exercise. My official resolution for the new year. I need to get into a regular exercise routine ASAP. I plan to (re)take up roller skating and clogging. I also need some simple exercises to do at home. I did hurt my foot recently so this is going to be tricky getting started on right away.
  • Fertility Diet. I’ve been working on my diet for over a year but it’s time to kick it up a notch as I get ready to get pregnant. I need to eat more liver, oysters, greens, seafood, bone broth, ferments, and make sure I’m eating enough folate, selenium and vitamin C.
  • Parenting. Help the little boy become more productive around the home. Work on homeschooling him more. Play with him more. Go to the zoo, OMSI, JJ Jump, Tryon Creek and other outings more. If all else fails, send him to kindergarten at the charter school.
  • Try To Conceive. Soon!
  • Family Time. More of it. Try to have family night every week. More family outings. Make memories!
  • Food Skills. Anything really, I just want to continue progressing, but I’m thinking: sprouting more, trying microgreens, working on anything related to food storage.
  • Budgeting. Work on it.
  • Archery. I want to learn. Was going to make this one optional but hubby is excited about the idea so I think it actually might happen!
  • Clean House. This means get rid of stuff, clear the clutter, organize, especially in the master bathroom/bedroom/closet and hopefully the garage. I don’t think I’ll get to my office this year but I did it last year (it just keeps collapsing on itself).
  • Finish Book. I was going to say “work on book” but I think I actually could finish it this year if I put my mind to it, so I’m going to try!

Seems like a lot, huh? If I accomplish all these goals this year will be like the best ever. I think it will be awesome anyway. It’s going to be a good year!!


4 thoughts on “2012 in Review & Goals for 2013

  1. Hi Lisa: I enjoyed reading your reflections about 2012 and your goals for 2013. Sounds like 2012 was a wonderful year for you, and it sounds like 2013 will be too. Many blessings!

  2. You really did a lot last year! And looks like 2013 holds a lot more opportunities, as well! Way to go on the book – can’t wait to hear when you finish! and archery is so fun, isn’t it? I was really into it about ten years and used to practice a lot with my brother.

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