After Amalgam Removal: Thoughts and Experiences

It’s been five and four weeks since I had my amalgam fillings replaced with composites (five weeks ago for the four on one side, four weeks for the four on the other side). Let me tell you what’s been going on in my mind and my mouth since then.

Having my fillings replaced caused some tooth sensitivity problems. At first there was a lot of soreness from the procedure, but even after the soreness died down, I was having problems. On the right side of my mouth I was having a lot of pain when I ate sweet foods. Things I shouldn’t have been eating like Christmas fudge were some of the top offenders, but even the juice from eating oranges caused a good deal of pain. Five weeks later I am still experiencing sensitivity, although it is less intense. I am hoping that if I can get my teeth to remineralize in the sensitive spots then maybe this problem will go away.

I’m more concerned about the problem on the left side of my mouth. My first bottom molar seems to now have a filling which readily transmits pressure, heat and cold to my sensitive tooth pulp. If I chew anything harder than a firm banana on that side, it hurts. If I eat anything warmer or colder than room temperature, it hurts. The good news is that the pressure pain is far less than it was to begin with, which means it may continue to lessen. It might have been inflamed/irritated from the procedure, causing it to become extra sensitive. However, to me it seems this problem won’t fully go away on it’s own, unless the nerves in my tooth become less sensitive than they are normally supposed to be (which I don’t think is ideal) or my tooth somehow forms a protective layer on the inside, which I don’t think is possible? I recently learned of a new type of temporary filling that remineralizes teeth before placing a permanent filling, and I can’t help but think that could have helped and wish I could have had that done. I also learned from reading on a forum that a dentist can put something under the filling to fix the sensitivity issue, although I don’t know what it is or if it has any harmful side effects. But if my tooth continues to hurt, then something will have to be done, because I’m not really okay with only eating on one side of my mouth for the rest of my life.

In that same forum I mentioned above, there were a lot of complaints about “white” fillings causing more sensitivity issues than “silver” ones. I was kind of upset that I didn’t know this beforehand. But honestly, would it have changed my mind? It probably would have just given me more anxiety over the issue, if anything. The people in the forum were all upset over their white (composite) fillings and wished their dentists had just given them the silver (amalgam) kind. There were a few in the forum who claimed that there was no danger to mercury fillings. At this vulnerable moment in my life (I was having side effects from a chelation drug and was also in a good deal of oral pain and looking for answers as to why and what I could do about it), I began to wonder if I had really made the best decision in getting my fillings replaced. Had I just spent $2000 to have a mouth full of pain?

The following day, I received in my email inbox one of Dr Mercola’s newsletters with a link to an article about mercury. I can’t remember what it exactly talked about (as I have read/listened to a good deal of info on mercury since that day), but I do remember feeling very validated in getting my fillings replaced–feeling relieved, in fact, that I had done so. The thing is, while there are those who claim the mercury in amalgams is stable and doesn’t leak, I have never seen or read anything to convince me of that. It seems to just be something that people like to say so that others don’t freak out over the toxic materials in their mouths. On the other hand, I’ve read, seen and heard plenty of information to convince me that mercury does leak from fillings and that it is hazardous to health.

Mercury vapor is released after rubbing an amalgam filling in a tooth.

Last week I joined in on the HealThy Mouth World Summit and listened to several presentations on oral health. They were quite fascinating. While I still had to lament that we haven’t been able to get away from fluoridated water yet, I felt a huge relief every time mercury was mentioned. I take comfort knowing that not only have I made a choice that will positively affect the health of my kidneys, liver and brain, as well as my overall health, but I’ve also reduced my chances of getting cancer! (which has been a fear of mine since my dad died of cancer at the very young age of 45.) In particular, breast cancer is linked to toxic dental materials (the same heavy metals found in dental materials are found in breast cancer tumors, for example). The immense amount of relief I felt during the Summit was enough confirmation to me that I had definitely made the right decision in getting the amalgams out of my mouth.

I’m not happy about the tooth sensitivity, and if it continues, I will try to get something done about it. Thankfully, it’s tolerable to chew on just one side of my mouth most of the time, even if I don’t like it–I’d rather deal with that than cancer, anyway. I am glad I got the amalgams out. Tooth discomfort isn’t fun, but at least I have significantly reduced the toxic load on my body. I can only see this as a good thing.

UPDATE 4/24/13: Approximately four months after having my fillings replaced, I noticed the sensitivity had reduced significantly. I can now chew normally and am not as sensitive to hot and cold foods.

UPDATE 9/25/13: My tooth sensitivity is now gone, and has been gone for some time–it took me a while to even realize it. Funny how you don’t notice things when they are no longer bothering you! My teeth became pain-free some time during the summer, 6-8 after the composite fillings were placed. The last pain to go away was the sensitivity to hot and cold foods in one tooth. All the other pain was gone long before that.

UPDATE 5/9/15: This has become such a popular post…I recommend reading through the comments for more experiences. But let me give a quick summary of what happened in the year after I had my fillings removed. I got pregnant about four and a half months after replacing my fillings. I know I would have constantly been paranoid about mercury exposure to my baby had I not had the fillings replaced–that alone was worth it. But also, the health benefit I had hoped for actually did happen: I have had a kidney issue for many years which causes me to leak protein into my urine–called proteinuria. I had theorized that since mercury likes to collect in the kidneys that it was preventing my kidneys from fully healing from a kidney disease I had as a young child. While I was pregnant, my midwives and I were shocked when my lab tests came back for almost no proteinuria toward the end of my pregnancy. It was there before and at the beginning of pregnancy, and then essentially disappeared. Pregnancy is hard on kidneys, yet mine healed during pregnancy. I believe the only thing that could have caused this was my kidneys dumping the mercury it had accumulated over the years, coupled with my efforts to try and eat well during pregnancy (I ate much better before pregnancy, actually, so I know it wasn’t diet alone).

Also, my tooth pain went away after several months, during which time I was eating a very nourishing diet, eating lots of foods recommended in the book Cure Tooth Decay, which are also foods great for fertility. I believe this is part of the reason why the sensitivity went away–because I was nourishing my teeth. During pregnancy, I wasn’t able to eat as well, and some sensitivity came back. It has since gone away again. I also think anything that helps reduce inflammation might help–I think my tooth nerves were pretty angry about the work that was done! There is also biological testing that can be done to see what composite material is most compatible for your body, which may be helpful….although most people reading this post have already had the work done, so maybe that’s not very helpful advice! But if you haven’t yet…also make sure your dentist is experienced and is trained in the IOAMT protocol! Know that there are risks involved and try to determine if it will actually be beneficial to you to have your amalgams replaced. And tell the dentist not to drill away mercury-stained tooth–apparently some will try to get all the grey out for cosmetic reasons, and end up drilling away healthy tooth–too much drilling increases the risk of complications and is not worth it in my opinion!

Update 6-3-17: If you have persistent pain after having composites placed, you might enjoy my post on how I eliminated my own pain from this procedure.


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  1. I have enjoyed following your journey. I am getting my only amalgam filling removed in a few weeks! Crossing my fingers all goes well!! Thanks for sharing!

      1. I am curious about the method to remove fillings? I have seen some crazy stuff on all the precautions that should be taken. Am I safe if my dentist uses water and suction only? I had one out this way and one more to go. Wondering if I need a safer method for remaining filling?

    1. i wish i never heard abt the danger of amalgam fillings..i had all my amalgam fillings replaced with composite i lost my teeth due to leaks from composite fillings..i had those amalgams fillings for 25 years and i never had any leaks or health issues..why the heck did i have to listen to those people who are gaints amalgam fillings????…you should only have them replaced if you had mercury allergy but if not ..dnt replace them!

      1. I am so sorry to hear that! I went back and forth for several months trying to decide if it was worth the risk, because I knew there was risk involved. It ended up being the right decision for me, but I would agree–if you don’t have any issues with the mercury, it is probably safer just to keep them. Some people don’t even absorb it much, if at all. Those with leaky gut, gut flora issues, or weak detox pathways are probably more likely to have issues. I’ve recently learned that selenium binds to mercury, so a selenium-rich diet may be an option for some. This whole topic makes me very sad. I pray my children will never have to have any dental work done because there are no good options…just bad, and worse.

    2. I have just had 5 amalgam fillings replace, there first 2 were great the next 3 well let’s just say I’m terrified as I ahve tooth sensitivity that I did not have previouslu. Now I’m debating having the other 5 done as I’m really scared. What should I do???

      1. Hi Sylvie. Sorry for the delayed response. I have limited knowledge on this topic, but I can suggest eating a clean, healthy diet that supports oral health. You can also try oil pulling. My sensitivity did eventually go away. I think because I ate a diet that promotes tooth remineralization, but it could also be that the sensitive tissues were inflamed and calmed down over time. If you are not in any hurry to do the other five, I don’t believe there is any harm in waiting till your other teeth feel better.

  2. Hi Lisa, I’ve almost finished reading Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel, and I’m fairly sure that the healing protocol can be done on the GAPS Diet from what I’ve read so far (for example, using homemade yoghurt or kefir instead of raw milk which he says is fine to do). Maybe a possible path to go down to help with your teeth? It doesn’t seem to be any more extra work than GAPS – pretty much just bone broth, fermented foods, fermented cod liver oil, lambs fry (liver), and high vitamin butter oil (which you can get in a cod liver oil supplement).
    The thing that’s been good for me to read is that cavities are to do with nutritional deficiencies and not bacteria. REALLY interesting!

    1. I read that book, too, and it’s recommendations are really in line with the GAPS diet. I’ve actually sort of been on a gut-healing/tooth-decay-prevention/fertility diet for the past year. The only thing I haven’t done yet is get the high vitamin butter oil. It’s so expensive and never on sale it seems. I bought two bottles of the FCLO/butter oil blend a while back (maybe it was actually on sale?) and it’s just so gross to me that I have a hard time taking it. Hopefully I can afford to get a bottle of just butter oil soon. I want to be taking it before I get pregnant if at all possible.

      The book is so interesting, isn’t it??

      1. Sure is interesting! Yes it is expensive and I’ve struggled with justifying such a purchase. But we are still paying off $3K of drilling and filling last year so we’ve had to make it work budget-wise as I think it is worth it. I got the CLO/Butter oil blend in a cellulose capsule as I figured that taking it off the spoon was going to be dreadful. ha! I imagine cellulose is probably not GAPS-friendly but a worthy compromise.
        I think once my gut is happy after being on GAPS for sometime, I should be able to absorb nutrients from food more efficiently and I won’t need to supplement as much with this stuff.
        I think the CLO is a good thing to do before getting pregnant if you can manage it – I attribute my teeth deterioration to being pregnant and nursing non-stop for the last 4 years (and still going with nursing). 🙂

      2. My teeth when downhill starting from when I got pregnant with my son. I can see now how under-nourished I was. I pray morning sickness won’t destroy my resolve to eat well like it did before. I think I am starting out with better nutritional reserves this time–at least, I hope so. I was really deteriorated when I started my journey to health a year and a half ago. I have been taking CLO a good long while now and FCLO for about a year, just not the butter oil. I plan to take the capsules if I have to when pregnant, though I hate that they are more expensive. Our second baby is going to be so much more expensive than our first! LOL But I believe it will be more than worth it in the long run.

  3. Hi Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for leaving your post re sensitive teeth after amalgam removal and composites put in. I saw the dentisttoday and my teeth are so sore. Eating is not a pleasure at all. It seems from your post it takes a while for this to subside ouch. Maybe you are pregnant now?

    1. Hi Susie, sorry to hear about your sore teeth! Mine were so sore, too. In a comment on another post I said I still had one sensitive tooth, but then I realized even that one lingering sensitivity is gone now too. So I guess it took about 8 months for my teeth to all feel normal again (less for most of them).

      I am pregnant now, yes. 17 weeks along 🙂

  4. Just searching for info on pain after having amalgams removed and I found your blog. I had the sensitivity on my 2nd lot done (having it done in 4 sessions as I have 11), but today it’s started aching and am hoping this is temporary.

    Luckily I am going for the 3rd session on Friday so can have it checked out. I have had a cold virus and am wondering if this triggered it off and so hoping it will soon calm down.

    I am on the diet healing too (in the UK) though not GAPS but pretty close as I am Paleo and making my own kefir. I have ME/CFS and trying to get better over many years.

    All good wishes for your pregnancy.

    1. Hi Elaine. Sorry to hear about the tooth pain. I really just feel so bad for everyone who is getting that. I hope it eases up sooner for you than it did for me.

      How is the paleo diet going for you? Kefir is a wonderfully healing food. Are you doing bone broths, too? If not, I do recommend them, as they heal and sooth the gut and impart beneficial nutrients. Also I hope you don’t mind this bit of unsolicited advice, but I’ve heard of many people getting low thyroid on paleo when they’ve done the low carb version, so do make sure you get enough carbs. Best of luck to you!

  5. thank you so much for your post! I have been to the dentist three times since I had my silver filling replaced. First two times was told the pain was probably because the bite was too high so they grounded it down some each time. Today, the third visit, they put a sealant on my tooth in hopes that it would help. (which it didn’t) I will now just wait a few months and see if my tooth pain gets better. I really hated the idea of going back again simply because the dentist seemed at a loss for ideas as to what to do next. I surely don’t want him to suggest a cap or a root canal before trying to give it time to heal. Thanks again, I am hopeful my pain will be gone soon too! 🙂

    1. This sensitivity/pain issue seems to be common enough that dentists should know something about it! I knew sensitivity was a possible side effect, but I didn’t know it could take months for the pain to go away. They really should warn people. Well, I hope the pain starts easing up for you soon!

  6. Hi Lisa, I found your post very encouraging tonight, I just had 1 upper left metal filling replaced almost 4 weeks ago and pain and sensitivity has gotten better but not gone yet. I went to my dentist and she said she is not willing to give up on my tooth because next option is root canal and I don’t want that so am going to give it more time like you did and hoping, praying that mine will subside too. Thanks again for the encouragement 🙂

  7. Hi Lisa, I had 4 – 40 year old amalgams replaced 5-6 months ago and I’m still having discomfort with pressure and temperature in all 4 of the teeth. I guess it has become somewhat better, but I’m really upset at how long it’s taking to feel “normal” again. I just had an exam and one especially problematic tooth was x-rayed; the dentist said that all looks good, no cavities…My niece had her fillings replaced around the same time and she does not have any lingering discomfort. I’m not sure why she’s fine and I’m not… Thank you for posting this; at least I know that this horribly long process has been experienced by others, as well.

  8. Thank you for your article. I especially appreciate the updates to let us know that the pain eventually subsided. Had I known that sensitivity would be a possibility with replacing out amalgams with composites, I still would have chosen the composites. There are enough toxins in our lives without us carrying around more inside our mouths. Have a great new year!

    1. Update: It’s been about a year since my 4 amalgams were replaced. The only one that ever gave me pain was the bottom left molar. It wasn’t temperature sensitive, and not really pressure sensitive either. Just extremely sensitive to anything mildly crunchy. Even rice crispies would be too much to handle. Well, let me tell you, it took over six months for the pain to go away and even now, I’m still cautious about eating crunchy stuff on the left side of my mouth. Having said that, I’m still glad to have no more amalgam in my mouth.

      One thing that I want to point out that someone may find helpful is that while working on the very molar I had trouble with, my young (and possibly inexperienced) dentist had explained to me that I had what was called an “amalgam tattoo” in my tooth. He showed me a black spot in the bottom center of pocket drilled out of my tooth. I could sense that he spent some time drilling in effort to get past the black spot as he seemed almost apologetic that it was still there but he did not want to drill any deeper. I think it’s possible that he removed more pulp than necessary and that that may have something to do with the sensitivity. If I could go back and do it over, I would have asked that he ignore the tattoo and only remove the actual amalgam.

  9. So happy to find this article! My teeth have been so sensitive and painful since getting my old fillings replaced. I never had any tooth pain before ever, until now. Its been about 4 weeks and is so sensitive, but seems to be slightly better. So glad yours finally went away, it is a relief to know!! I hope it doesnt take 5 months, but good to know it should get better!!!

  10. Hi! I’m happy I found your article. I am in the process of doing the exact same thing. I actually have all the metal out. Right side totally finished and replaced, left side currently has 3 temporary crowns, I go back next week for the permanent ones. I am just in a lot of “sensitivity/pain” these days. Nothing miserable, although when my temporary crown fell off the next day, it hurt like HELL when I went to get it put back on. Currently, its just very sensitive, and my mouth is just sore. I am having major anxiety about my choice to get all of the metal out…as it WAS my choice, there was no pain prior. I know I had a lot of very deep and very old fillings that more drilling made larger. I just really hope the pain subsides. I know for a fact that getting the metal/mercury out was a healthy choice. I just hope I don’t need Root Canals on top of all of this! Ugh! Send me positive energy please! So grateful for your post, although it was a few years back, and so glad to hear your pain is gone! Thank You!
    Collette Youngblood
    Omaha, NE

    1. Oh, I feel your pain. I had a lot of anxiety about my choice to replace my fillings, too. Thank goodness the pain went away eventually. I think for me that following the Cure Tooth Decay protocol helped remineralize my teeth from the inside out, and that’s what decreased the pain (as well as the inflammation going down, too, of course). Wishing you speedy healing!

  11. Hi Lisa, I Googled and found your post just today, having had two amalgam fillings replaced with white ones for exactly the reasons you cited, and having noticed this sensitivity immediately too. I also concur that it’s better my teeth are sore than I get cancer – but of course the sensitivity is a bummer. But then I read your updates and the fax the hurt has gone (eventually) and I felt SO HAPPY! Of course, one mouth is not going to behave as all others but this is great news and I now have a more positive outlook. thanks for your feedback and here’s to chewing yummy things without amalgam – or pain!

  12. Hello Lisa! Great post! I was just curious if you experienced any increase in energy and/or mental clarity at any time after your amalgam removals. Do you mind touching upon this a bit? Thank you!!!!

    1. Hi John! You know, I didn’t really notice anything right away, and a few months down the road, I was pregnant, which pretty much sucked the life out of me lol. However, I have a kidney condition which got worse during my first pregnancy, but actually got better during the pregnancy after my amalgam removal, which came as quite a shock to me and my midwife. I was eating better second time around, but still did not expect that. I mean, I had been working on my kidney health for two whole years prior to getting pregnant and did not achieve the amount of improvement I did during pregnancy. The kidneys are one of the places mercury likes to accumulate, so I wonder if that’s why my kidneys got better–no more mercury attacking them??

      1. While I can only speculate, based on what I’ve read, that does indeed seem to be the case! I believe that at the very least you removed a source of toxicity that was burdening your system and kidneys, and by removing that source your kidneys were finally able to heal themselves. That is absolutely wonderful to hear and I am extremely happy for you! Thank you so much for your response!

  13. Hi Lisa, thank you for replying on Sept 25th last year!! Sorry I didn’t see your reply, but at the time I got caught up with terrible toothache.

    Sadly one of my 11 teeth refilled had to be taken out in the end, as the refilling was very near to the root and the tooth died. I was offered root canal work but decided against as there are some reports that it can be a risk factor for breast cancer and I did not want to chance it as I have no other root canal work.

    I still have a bit of sensitivity in one tooth since the work was done but only if the toothbrush hits it – it’s OK otherwise.

    Thank you for your advice also last year re Paleo and the thyroid – yes I heard there could be a problem with very low carbs and I am trying to keep my intake at a reasonable level for that reason now. I actually am hypothyroid and take medication so have to be especially careful.

    You mentioned the bone broths in your post….yes, I think I will need to do some more of those, as I have a bad flare of gastritis at the moment.

  14. reading that some of the sensitivity went away was reassuring. I definitely have sensitivity after having mine removed a month ago. I still have four more to go but we are waiting on some of the sensitivity to go away on the right side before we do the left. I do have a question regarding detoxing. I was unaware that I should do this, and would like to know if there is a certain website or particular supplements that I should be taking for this process. Also, is it to late to start this process being that I started removing my fillings a month ago? any insight would be great.

  15. Thank you for this post. I too had all my mercury fillings removed and am having a lot of pain and sensitivity to heat and cold. It comes and goes, especially after eating and drinking and can lasts for hours. I was relieved to hear that your pain eventually went away. Although, I’m thinking 6-8 months is a long road ahead of me, it’s better than no relief at all, and it gives me hope. Thanks again, HG Free!

  16. Wish I had seen this earlier. Just had amalgam put in today. I was told it would work better because the cavity went below the gum line. Found out after I got home that “silver” fillings are called that for the color and are 50% mercury. Sure wish the dentist had informed me of that. I probably would have had to use it anyway since my tooth was so bad but I would liked to have been making an informed decision and not find that gem out after it’s been done.

    1. I think it’s awful they don’t inform you first. I was aware of mercury in fillings before the last time I had cavities filled (three of them), so I asked the dentist what kind of fillings they were and he said, “silver.” Not knowing any better, I let him put them in. Boy do I regret not doing more research first!

  17. I had all my amalgams removed in May & July of this year. They were 23 ‘ish years old & gave me no issues – I did it to be healthier. It backfired on me, though. By September, 1 tooth was dying & giving me horrible pain. I had it extracted & got instant relief. Now I’m battling an abcess on the opposite side. Doctor convinced me to get a root canal in the painful tooth – it revealed a completely dead, decaying pulp with pulp stones. But the pain wasn’t gone… Just found out today the adjacent tooth is also dying & causing the abcess as well. That will be extracted on Monday. So three of the 8 teeth have died, leaving me to choose between RCT or extraction. I’ll not do another root canal, so it looks like I’m going to slowly lose all the affected molars beginning at the age of 37. It sucks when getting healthy causes such a crisis.

    1. This is terrible to hear! I am so sorry! I knew there were risks involved with replacing my amalgams, so it was a decision I did not make lightly. Did you go to a biological dentist, or at least one who uses the correct protocols? It may not have made a difference, but I am wondering if a holistic-minded dentist would have evaluated for the possibility of this happening.

      1. I didn’t have access to a biological or holistic dentist. Still don’t. I am, however, looking for another dentist, & vetting them thru friends/family. Just got home from the extraction – no sign of abscess, tooth ‘looked’ healthy, but the pulp test showed the nerve was dying. My sinuses seem to have cleared up post-extraction, so I’m convinced so far it was a good step.

  18. Hi Lisa. Thanks a lot for posting your experience. I had 10 year old amalgams replaced with composite fillings in 4 teeth a month ago. I had some pain initially which the doctor thought is because of high bite and they took off some filling to adjust the bite. However, it didn’t help and the pain got worse and started feeling extremely sensitive to anything that is above or below the room temperature. Funny thing is I didn’t ask them to replace the amalgams with composite, they said I needed that ’cause the amalgams are not safe it seems. Now I regret letting them replace the amalgams. I had no pain whatsoever before.

    Hopefully, my pain goes away like yours 🙂 Thanks again for sharing your experience.

    1. Oh my, I don’t think dentists should tell you to replace intact amalgams! Educate you, sure, but not outright tell you to replace them. I hope your pain goes away. Sounds just like how mine was. Try to eat a healthy, non-inflammatory with lots of minerals and fat soluble vitamins, and it may help. I really think the pain is from inflammation. I wonder if oil pulling might help, too? Good luck!

      1. Woohoo, thanks for your reply 🙂 Just googling “Diamond Lite” turned up a couple of usable resources for finding high quality composites. Thank you Lisa!

  19. Hi, thank you for writing this about your mercury amalgam removal experience. I just had half of my mercury ones replaced a month ago and my teeth are still so sensitive to hot and cold that I was just questioning myself if I made the right decision even though i know mercury is toxic. Sooo glad to know that the sensitivity eventually stops. Phew. I love food so much and so I was going to forgo doing the other teeth that need the mercury removal to see if there were any other alternatives…. 🙂

  20. Lisa did you see a holistic dentist? I tried to look up the msds for the diamond lite product but the manufacturer says that the ingredients are proprietary and they cannot share it. How did you find out if they are bpa free?

    1. Yes, I saw a holistic dentist. He told me that none of the composites he used contained BPA. He told me he did his best to use only the safest ones. My naturopath said to avoid Bis-GMA also, so I had to ask him about that, and he had to find out for me because he didn’t know. He got back to me saying Diamond Lite with free of Bis-GMA.

  21. Lisa,
    You mentioned there are health benefits to removing the amalgam. Have you experienced any since you had yours removed? If so, have you noticed if your health has improved since taking the silver ones out? Is it really worth the money to remove the silver ones if I don’t have any problems with them?

    1. Hi June. It took me several months to decide whether to have my amalgams replaced. There are risks to having them replaced, and it’s expensive. I ultimately decided to go for it, and I’m glad I did. I did not notice any immediate effects to having them removed, and about 4-5 months later I was pregnant, so it would have been very hard to see improvements in health because pregnancy is very hard on my body. However, something of a miracle did happen when I was pregnant. I have a kidney condition that causes me to leak protein into my urine, and it gets worse under the stress of pregnancy. Okay, maybe I should say I *had* this condition–because while I was pregnant this time after having the amalgams removed (my second pregnancy), my proteinuria became almost non-existent. It was such a shock to me and my midwives. Since mercury accumulates in the kidneys and causes problems there, I believe that having the mercury taken out of my mouth eased the burden on my kidneys and allowed them to heal. There is nothing else I know of that could explain spontaneous kidney healing under the stress of pregnancy.

      Also, there is evidence that prenatal exposure to mercury can contribute to autism. So if there are plans in the future to become pregnant, it is something to consider.

      Other things you can consider: How many fillings do you have and how big are they? (Larger fillings equal more mercury but also may mean greater chance of having a problem during replacement.) Do you have any symptoms of mercury toxicity? How old are the amalgams? (Older amalgams release less mercury.) How is your gut health? (A strong gut with lots of healthy bacteria can help prevent mercury from entering the bloodstream.) Composites can have issues of their own. It can be a tough call.

  22. I had my amalgam removed roughly ten years ago. Although my sensitivity to cold has finally diminished after three years, I still have issues with the pain from eating anything hard. Personally, I’d wished I had never had them removed in the first place. I know how bad mercury is, but there should have been an alternative to the white composite fillings they used to replace them. One dentist told me that dentist don’t compensate for the large hole left behind after removal of the amalgam. I think this and the fact that the white composite seems to flex, adds to the pressure pushing down on nerves. I am considering getting a crown placed on the defective tooth. I just want to be able to crunch down on my favorite foods again.

  23. I went to the dentist for him to fill a small chip, I had absolutely no pain or discomfort , I just didnt like the food getting stuck in the chip. The dentist told me to fix it he needed to remove the amalgam filling so I agreed, he also said the tooth next to it had a crack and he might as well remove the amalgam filling in that one as well and redo both with composite filling. They were the bottom molars that had deep composite fillings. The sensitivity to pressure was unbearable initially, not even a mashed potato on that side. I return to the dentist about a week later got xray, the fill looked ok, he filed down for better bite, he said gove it some time and use sensodyne but nothing helped. Went to another dentist, about 2 months later, he xrayed, file tooth, sensodyne, give some time or may have to consider root canal worst case extraction. Today is now one year and a half, I will say the pressure sensitivity has improve very little I can at least eat mash potato on that nothing harder, otherwise the pain is shocking and bad otherwise generally I feel no discomfort. I am so worried that after so long I still cannot eat as normal on that side of my mouth. I thought it would have eased up by now seeing that I never had any problems prior to the white fillings. Anyone one knows someone who had difficulty applying pressure to the area after such a long time?

  24. Glad I found this! I had a silver filling replaced 2 weeks ago with a tooth colored one and am in so much pain! Hot/cold sensitivity and cannot chew anything! I’m afraid to go back to the dentist because I feel they will tell me I need a root canal. I’ll keep babying it like you did. Thank you!

  25. This has been so helpful for me. I had 8 fillings removed in the same process you did and I am experiencing the exact same issues. I have come to peace with my decision of having them removed. It has only been 1 month but I have peace that this to shall pass thanks to your time to get this info out. Thanks so much!

  26. Please help! I am trying to find a mercury-free dentist that doesn’t have any biological children. Anywhere in the USA, Canada or Mexico. I have called over 80 dentists so far and haven’t found any yet. I have experienced people in business with offspring really only care about their offspring. This is Not just in dentistry, but in Every industry, field, organisation, politics, etc.. I have seen at least 20 dentists in my life because I move a lot for work. All except two were very bad. The only two dentists that were good in my life didn’t have children at the time. Now they have children and they have become very greedy, convincing patients to get unnecessary procedures and doing shoddy work that needs to be replaced too soon. Since they are so enthralled with their offspring, they focus on how much money they can squeeze out of people regardless of how unfair it is, so their children can inherit lots of assets so their children can live the easy life. And what’s worse those dentists create more future problems in the mouth which creates future business for their offsprings assets. Are there any mercury-free dentists that don’t have biological children??? Please tell me who they are. Thank you

  27. Please help! I am trying to find a mercury-free dentist that doesn’t have any biological children. Anywhere in the USA, Canada or Mexico. I have called over 80 dentists so far and haven’t found any yet. I have experienced people in business with offspring REALLY ONLY care about their offspring. This is Not just in dentistry, but in Every industry, field, organisation, politics, etc.. I have seen at least 20 dentists in my life because I move a lot for work. All except two were very bad. The only two dentists that were good in my life didn’t have children at the time. Now they have children and they have become very greedy, convincing patients to get unnecessary procedures and doing shoddy work that needs to be replaced too soon. Since they are so enthralled with their offspring, they focus on how much money they can squeeze out of people regardless of how unfair it is, so their children can inherit lots of assets so their children can live the easy life. And what’s worse those dentists create more future problems in the mouth which creates future business for their offsprings assets. Are there any mercury-free dentists that don’t have biological children??? Please tell me who they are. Thank you.

    1. I’m sorry Issie, but I’m not aware of which dentists have children and which don’t. I don’t think you need to find a childless dentist; I think you need to find an ethical dentist. It is possible to be ethical while having children. Why not try a search on this site: I suppose you could contact dentists individually and ask if they have children. Personally, I would be asking if they offered nutritional or lifestyle advice to support healthy teeth and gums–those would be the ones I’m most likely to trust.

  28. Thanks for sharing your experience! I removed 3 quadrants of amalgams until now (I have 4) but the last one was specially painful. I knew it before removing because it is the more sensible one. Now I know its pain will take a short time to come to normality.

  29. I am having my one amalgam filling removed because I have a cavity underneath. I keep reading online that some people think you should wait 18 months before conceiving to get all the mercury out of your system. I see here that you became pregnant sooner than that and the pregnancy went well. How was your child? Did they have any issues related to mercury? I really don’t wish to wait 18 months, but I’m just kinda freaking out now. What exactly did you do after the removal to get it out of your system? Thanks.

    1. Hi Brandi. Since you only have one amalgam, I wouldn’t be too worried, unless you feel you have mercury toxicity yourself. So my experience is that I had a really healthy pregnancy, which I supported with lots of nutrient dense foods. My baby was born healthy, but as she has gotten older, I have worried that the mercury has affected her. I recently had a “Body Code” practitioner use muscle testing to test her for mercury and she does have prenatal mercury exposure that is bothering her. I’m not sure to what extent. She doesn’t seem to have any serious issues. But remember, I had EIGHT amalgams for many years, and a leaky gut, so I had been absorbing a significant amount over time.

      Immediately after the removal there was a protocol the naturopath had me do for a few days. There was a chelation drug, and whey powder. You could try doing a short chelation under a qualified professional’s care, and then stop before getting pregnant. But remember before any chelation can be done, you MUST have clear detox pathways, or else the mercury might not come out and redeposit somewhere very undesirable. But something SAFE you can do is consume chlorella and probiotics which bind to heavy metals that get dumped in the gut as part of the body’s normal detox process, and they carry them out in the stool. Also, take lots of sodium ascorbate (good from of vitamin C). But PLEASE, do your own research first, I’m offering information not medical advice. 🙂

    2. Brandi, also please be advised that if you are vaccinated during pregnancy, your baby will be exposed to mercury and aluminum. Don’t know if you were planning on being vaccinated or not, but personally, I’d be more worried about vaccines in pregnancy than one amalgam removal.

  30. Hi – I came upon your site as I am scheduled to begin amalgam removal. I wasn’t aware of any of these issues and am so thankful I found this! anyway, I was just researching this topic a little and found this link to possible reasons for the pain of composites. thought it might be useful for those of us beginning this journey. i’m sorry for all of those suffering from trying to do the best thing for their health…

  31. Hi,
    I’ve also had some dental issues with old amalgam fillings, tooth sensitivity, infections and removal of teeth, and TMJ caused by tooth removal. I’m replying because I’ve had some success in these areas and I wanted to pass the info along. That’s a good book you recommended with the benefits of good diet on dental health.
    I’m a bit older as are some of my fillings which are over 30yrs. I was blessed one year with a young dental intern from Switzerland temporarily working at my dentist’s office. Thinking I had a cavity because of on and off pain, I was surprised that it was TMJ as I’d had teeth removed years earlier. Told by her to simply tuck the back of my tongue slightly between my teeth on both sides as far back as I could to relieve pressure from my unbalanced bite, I did and still do; 3 days later all the pain was gone and has never returned. She also noticed my amalgam filling in front and offered to remove it. with just a regular mask on she replaced it with white composite and I never got sick from it.
    Years later, I thought I’d had another cavity but it wasn’t, instead it was my tooth enamel itself.. I’d always brushed hard with a firm toothbrush when younger not realizing I was wearing down my enamel, so told to switch to pronamel which I did but this only covered my sensitivity with a pain killer and I ended up with an infection. Now’ I had an infection and sensitive teeth, teeth I didn’t want to lose!. Searching the internet for solutions, I found that same book, and I changed my diet and lost some weight too.
    But I needed something quick to clear up my infection and keep it from coming back and strengthen my teeth so I could eat. I could not eat without pain and was blending everything to drink. I’d heard about using the old fashioned rinse of hydrogen peroxide 3% Only! Diluted by 3 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide, it’s cheap too. Now, the directions for oral rinse is 1 part each but I think that is to strong and like I said, it’s cheap so the packaging may allow for some evaporation which could make it more concentrated, too concentrated. So I dilute more. Anyway this works, a year later I still have my teeth, no more infection.. the dentist checked and was a bit surprised.
    But I still had sensitivity to my enamel making it impossible to bite without pain until I discovered oil pulling with olive oil and coconut oil. I stopped using the toothpaste with pain killer, now I use regular.. I can eat again. even from the first time using olive oil my teeth felt stronger try it you’ll see. I use extra virgin organic olive oil, the coconut oil is organic too. Hope this helps somebody.. I’m not selling anything just want to share what worked for me.

    1. Hi, PLEASE help me! I am considering getting all my mercury amalgam fillings replaced because I am having symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I got 2 removed and now have pain at the nerves. What book did you use? If I keep my other amalgams, what should I do to help my teeth and my health please? Thank you so much.

  32. I am so happy to find this post and comments. I have just finished having 15 amalgam fillings removed and replaced with 12 ceramic inlays and 2 crowns. This was done over a 2 month period. I have a myriad of health issues and 3 months ago was tested for heavy metals and my mercury levels were right up to the danger zone. Seeing such a long red bar on the graph freaked me out and I knew it was time to think about replacement. The decision was made for me when a few weeks later one of my 30-odd-year old amalgams split in half and fell out.
    I am not going to lie, the process has been very painful and at times I wondered about spending so much money to cause myself so much pain. But I am happy for having done it and look forward to redoing the mercury test in 3 month’s time.

    I was just thinking that my sensitivity on the right side of my mouth (which have now been in for about a month) was getting better when tonight I was hit by terrible ache that was not a sharp sensitivity from heat/cold or pressure, but just a constant dull ache. I can only assume that my eating dinner in a somewhat normal way (albeit just sushi and a scoop of ice cream) set something off. 400mg of ibuprofen has not helped much and even breathing hurts.

    Bottom line… despite feeling very sad from the pain, I am somewhat heartened to learn that your sensitivity took a long time to die down. Did your sensitivity ever cause pain that became an ache over a few hours? Extended to several teeth on one side or felt like the pain radiated up into the jaw and orbital bone? Aside from the day of/day after a two of the big removals, I have not experienced extended pain unti tonight. It was always a sharp, short pain.

  33. It started with a cavity and crack next to a silver filing on an upper molar. So dentist did the drilling with the dental dam in place. They took the photos before the drilling and after drilling and after the white filling. The dentist had to drill out the crack,. My molar before new filling looked like someone put a plus sign in my molar. I didn’t have any pain right away. I noticed later if I ate a pretzel on that molar, I would get a pain and them it went away right away. So any pressure caused pain. Dentist said the pressure causes the crack to spread and cause the pain.

    So dentist said we can start with a metal band around the sides of the tooth and if that doesn’t solve the pain then a root canal would be next.

    The plan was for a crown but we have to solve the tooth pain first.

    So part of this metal band is they shave part of the tooth where the metal band would go. I.e. the outside of the band ends up where the outside of the tooth used to be. This is to make room between teeth.

    Well not all the time but the tooth aches from time to time. I guess it will be a waiting period. The dentist said they will call in a week to ask how the tooth pressure pain is going? They said it could be up to 3 months to see if the pain on pressure goes away.

    If the pain on pressure doesn’t go away then a root canal works be next.

    And when all that is sorted out, then the 👑.

    What a pain. LOL.

  34. So I just had two silver fillings replaced 5 days ago. I’m experiencing tooth sensitivity from one of them so fingers crossed that it goes away like yours did. Thanks for this post!!

  35. I had my amalgams removed and refilled. I just got back from a trip. I flew 2 – 3 weeks after dental procedure. While flying at a high altitude, I was in excruciating pain with my new fillings (both upper and lower on the left side of my mouth). I felt like the teeth with the new fillings were being drilled without novocaine. This happened on both flights and I was in pain for quite some time, mostly at the highest altitudes. I looked up this issue on the internet and the article said there are probably air pockets in the fillings that need to be fixed and that the problem will happen again if it is not addressed.

  36. Just booked my appointment for initial consultation with an holistic dentist regarding removal of my “silver”. Some will be 40 years old, I have big fillings on both sides. However I have had a myriad of complaints/ symptoms starting when I was 18 with a loud cracking jaw, headache nausea etc. In the last year or so headaches have got worse with tinnitus and sleep problems- despite extensive investigations I am left battling against the conventional medics opinion that my problems are psychosomatic. I have no trust in the western way of health care, doctors towing the party line.
    Just wanted to say to you Lisa and the rest who have taken the time to post – thank you, I have read with great interest your comments and wish you all well in the future!

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