After Amalgam Removal: Detoxification Thoughts

Several months ago, a full year into my healing journey, I felt impressed that I needed to have my amalgam fillings removed. When I began my journey, I put my full faith in God that He would lead me toward healing. So I wondered, why wait a whole year to remove my fillings? Why didn’t God tell me sooner? I could have had a whole year of detoxification under my belt and been more healed and more ready for pregnancy. Right??


And God knew that. I mean, I did figure there was a good reason for delaying it. If it had been truly best for me to get my fillings removed in the summer of 2011, then I’m sure I would have at least had the thought come to me. But it never occurred to me until a year later. Why? I had figured that maybe God wanted me to learn to take good care of my body first, to put in a really good effort toward becoming healthier instead of relying on a “silver bullet,” so to speak. Which would have been a good reason, sure. But after listening to a talk on mercury detoxification during the HealThy Mouth World Summit, the answer became all too clear to me. The reason God didn’t suggest I get my amalgams removed at the beginning of the healing journey was probably because I wasn’t healthy enough for it.

In order for the body to detoxify properly, the liver and the kidneys need to be in good working condition. Let’s remember that the whole reason I embarked on my healing journey was because my kidneys were not up to par. The naturopath I saw then had told me that my kidneys were my weakest organ and that my liver was “stagnant.” Doesn’t sound like a body ready for detoxification, does it? If I had tried to detox from mercury a year and a half ago, the mercury would have had a hard time leaving my body. It would have gotten released from my kidney tissues and other tissues and gone where? To my brain? It happens to people. People have suffered brain damage because of this. There’s a lovely term for this: It’s called retoxification. Hopefully I would have consulted with a naturopath who would have advised me to get healthier first, anyway. “Hopefully” being the key word there.

So it seems that the impression I had to get the mercury out of my body came at just the right time. Now that I’ve had my amalgams removed, how should I detox?

Turns out, the answer to this is not so simple. And yet, then again, it is.

The not so simple part is there are numerous ways to detox from heavy metals from chelation drugs to juicing, from herbs and algae to milk protein, from high doses of vitamin C to ALA supplementation. I had thought that a cilantro/chlorella combo was the golden nugget approach (cilantro releases mercury, chlorella carries it out of the body) until I read that it wasn’t. Chelation drugs are effective, but they also take minerals such as zinc out of the body, too, and can have pretty bad side effects. I got a taste of chelation drugs after each of my amalgam removals and it not something I want to experience again. Plus I don’t want to be losing minerals since I’m hoping to get pregnant soon (by the way, it’s really not ideal to get pregnant soon after amalgam removal, ideally you would wait at least a year–however, I am in a hurry and my ND seemed to think it would be okay to get pregnant within a few weeks of amalgam removal). Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of the GAPS protocol, does not recommend any heavy metal detox protocol except for juicing and restoring healthy gut flora. Turns out that beneficial bacteria can actually detoxify the body and carry heavy metals out. This would also explain why some people get mercury toxicity from amalgams while others do not.

While I was trying to make sense of all the different protocols that have commonly been used over the years–and wondering if I should just not bother detoxing at all pre-pregnancy–I got an email newsletter from Dr Mercola with a link to an article explaining a new mercury removal protocol. And I liked this one. It wasn’t so much about putting agents into the body to directly act on the mercury, but rather to enhance the body’s own mercury detoxification system. Turns out, the body is naturally capable of removing heavy metals from itself. The key is to stop the mercury exposure and then make sure the body is getting the nutrients it needs to detox on its own.

There are three steps to the protocol, assuming you have been on a healthy diet for a while. Step One is to increase glutathione production in the body. This can be done by eating cysteine-rich foods. Whey protein is the richest source of cysteine. My naturopath actually had me take whey protein when I had my amalgams removed. Step Two is mobilizing mercury by boosting enzymes and transport proteins. This is done by partly by eating foods with sulfur-based nutrients. This includes cruciferous vegetables like kale, cabbage and Brussels sprouts, as well as garlic. It is also suggested to eat foods rich in phytochemicals, particulary polyphenols, which are found in a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Step Three is capturing and eliminating mercury with intestinal binders. This would include chlorella, beneficial bacteria (fermented vegetables are recommended), and thiol resins. I like this protocol because it utilizes the body’s own detox system by supporting it nutritionally and ensuring there are intestinal binders to remove the mercury to prevent retoxification. Seems very safe and I don’t think the body would detox faster than it should on this protocol.

There were some other detoxification ideas expressed in the HealThy Mouth World Summit. Dr David Getoff encourages using only products that can safely be used on a daily basis. He said the herxheimer reaction (feeling tired, fever, chills, muscle pain, headaches) should be avoided at all costs. He recommends using alpha lipoic acid (ALA), zeolite ACZ, and charcoal and he talked about supporting the body nutritionally and specifically supporting the kidneys and liver.

~Dr Hal Huggins

I really like the above quote. Of everything I’ve learned about mercury detoxification, the things I have really resonated with are: that the body can remove heavy metals itself with proper nutrition, that a healthy gut can assist in mercury removal, and that detoxification should be done slowly. What this all amounts to is nourishing the body and NOT feeling like crap while detoxing. It also seems much safer than other protocols. And SIMPLE!!

So what’s my plan? Since I want to get pregnant soon, I don’t really have much of one. I was going to see my ND but since she seems to be pro-chelation drugs, I think it might not be very beneficial to see her at this point. I have been taking one scoop of whey protein most days for the last week with some acerola powder for extra vitamin C, and I am taking chlorella; however, I am unsure about taking the whey powder because it is so concentrated, so I’m either going to quit it or cut way back. I drink raw milk so I will still be getting whey protein. I eat as much vegetables as I can seem to fit in my diet, and cruciferous veggies are in season so that part’s easy. I am trying to eat plenty of ferments and take my probiotic daily. I’m basically doing a very simple version of the protocol outlined above. Well, actually, I’m pretty much eating the same as I was already, if you exclude the whey powder.

With everything I’ve read out there, I feel the best plan of action is caution. There is so much disagreement on what is or isn’t a safe way to remove mercury from the body. Until I have a lot more information and a doctor I can really trust, I won’t be doing anything more substantial than just trying to eat well, as described above, including amounts of chlorella that I think are reasonable.

Hopefully Dr Campbell-McBride is right that by healing the gut, the heavy metals will dump into the gut and be carried off by bacteria. Hopefully, by eating a good diet, over time, my body will release the mercury at a level that it can also excrete. Nice and slow. Thankfully, I’m feeling well enough these days that I think I can be patient.

Detoxification is not a sprint, but more like a marathon. ~Dr Chris Shade

Update: If you have persistent pain after having composites placed, you might enjoy my post on how I eliminated my own pain from this procedure.

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  1. My favorite time to get pregnant was in the mid to late summer. I stayed warm in the winter and I had a spring babies after all the cold/flu season. If you are going to take chlorella, it’s smart to take cilantro and garlic along with it. That’s why I really liked Renew Life’s Heavy Metal cleanse. It was easy just to take a couple of pills in the morning and a couple at night. Only the night ones had the detoxifiers. The morning ones were like a multivitamin.

    1. I really wanted a spring baby, but I took too long getting around to getting the fillings replaced. At this point I’m just getting desperate to give my son a sibling before they are too far apart to play together! lol

      Thanks for the advice. I’m a little wary of cilantro at this point because of its mobilizing quality. I think I’m going to get enough mobilization from my diet and don’t want to move mercury unnecessarily if I’m going to get pregnant. I wish I could use it to target specific areas where I think mercury is causing problems, but I’m just going to deal without it for now. If I wasn’t so eager to get pregnant, I think I’d try it.

  2. Wow! That was so interesting. I have copper toxicity but had my amalgams removed a few years ago. I didn’t find out about the copper till about 6 months ago and your post sure helped explain that it’s better to detox slowly. I also listened to Dr. Huggins and am now mindful of the retoxification. Oh, there’s so much to learn. Thanks for your post. 🙂

    1. I have had a tendency to get high in copper. I didn’t even know till recently that amalgams have a lot of copper and that the copper leaks. I also had a copper IUD. I know that zinc balances copper; eating plenty of beef has reduced my copper symptoms a good deal. I wonder if I would need as much beef once the extra copper clears from my system? Time will tell, I guess.

      Thanks for your comment and good luck with detoxing.

  3. G’Day! Lisa,
    Thanks for the info, When I remove my amalgams (only 2), is there any danger from the evaporated mercury that would be inhaled during the operation? If yes, what may be the symptoms and how long will it take for the mercury to fall to safe levels in my body?

    1. You want to be sure to use a dentist trained in the IAOMT protocol. For more information read here:

      The dentist should be using a sort of vacuum to suck away all the mercury vapors. Also there would be a rubber dam in your mouth to prevent mouth breathing (or swallowing of loose particles) and an oxygen mask over your nose. You should not be breathing in any mercury at all if done properly.

      If you did breathe it in and/or swallow particles, symptoms could range quite a bit but most likely your current symptoms would worsen. Worse case scenario, you would develop an immune disorder. It’s really important to see a dentist who knows what he/she is doing.

  4. Hi There Lisa,
    This might be off topic, however, I had 3 amalgam fillings removed and replaced with resin composite yesterday. I can see that in 2 fillings (they were pretty big) there are still some dark spots from the amalgam. Is that normal or was it not done properly?
    Nice One!

    1. Is it actual amalgam filling that you see or is it discoloring of the tooth from amalgam leaching? I had discoloration in some of my teeth from the amalgams (they were big fillings, too). Since it’s not the amalgam itself, I’m not worried about it, and I figure it will go away with time, as my teeth renew themselves. I actually just went to go look in the mirror, and it really seems like the discoloring has lessened already. Hopefully it is just discoloring for you, too, and not missed amalgam filling.

  5. Lisa! I am wondering what form of Chlorella you took? Capsule or powder? And how many mg you took per day? I also am getting my amalgam fillings removed this month and am hoping to get pregnant in the near future. I so wished I would have had the thought to have them removed earlier – just never crossed my mind and I never knew a dentist who could do it properly. I found a dentist a couple months ago and decided to wait a few months before trying for a baby to have them removed. I know that my body is in a good place now to have them removed so I feel greatfull for that! I have been struggling to figure out what plan of action I should be taking after they are removed. I came across this blog post this morning and greatly appreciated it. I have been eating whole, traditional foods diet based on WAPF for a year and a half and feel that that is a huge help in this process. I to am going to follow the advice from Dr. Mercola and am looking into getting some Chlorella…I just don’t want to over do it.

    1. Hi Katie. Following my amalgam removal I took 2g of chlorella a day–2 500mg 2x per day. After a while I tapered down to 1g a day and currently I only take it when I eat seafood. I don’t know how long I should have gone with it, I just did what felt right. I use Source Naturals brand broken cell wall chlorella in a tablet form.

      Good luck with everything. I had some terrible tooth sensitivity for a while after but it eventually went away, except for one tooth is still sensitive to cold where the filling is. It’s all been worth it for the peace of mind, though.

      1. Any reputable brand of broken cell wall chlorella should be good. This is the brand I use: I should have continued taking it for a year, in case mercury was dumping from my organs after the amalgam removal, but I just sort of stopped taking it (I think because I had morning sickness and trouble swallowing pills during my pregnancy).

  6. I recently had a mercury filling replaced because it was cracked. I have read that you are supposed to detox after removal. I did not have any mercury poisoning symptoms before or after removal. I eat an organic diet and consume many of the recommended detox foods, kale, garlic, yogurt, vitamin c, whole vitamin, etc. Is it safe to get pregnant?

    thanks all

    1. Hi Emily. Here are my thoughts. If your filling was cracked then it was leaking mercury the whole time it was cracked. Older amalgams leak less mercury than newer ones, though, because a lot of the mercury has already escaped over time. So depending how old it was, this may not have been too serious. If your dentist used the IAOMT protocol, then you shouldn’t have been exposed to much, if any, mercury during the procedure. As long as you had the filling replaced with a non-mercury one, then you shouldn’t have any extra mercury in your system that you didn’t get from the filling being cracked. When a person has several amalgams replaced with non-mercury fillings, their body may start dumping accumulated mercury. However, you only had one removed, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about this, especially since you said you haven’t had any symptoms. Also, if you have a healthy gut or consume a lot of probiotic foods, then your body may never have absorbed much mercury to begin with, since probiotics have a tendency to capture heavy metals and take them out of the body. Your healthy diet would also give you some protection. The naturopath who advised me on amalgam removal and pregnancy said to wait a few weeks minimum prior to conception, and that was after having 8 fillings replaced. Ideally, she said I should detox slowly for a year. SO, that all said, as long as you aren’t activity trying to detox heavy metals from your body right now, and you are healthy, it is probably safe for you to get pregnant soon.

      Since you are planning to get pregnant, I’d like to recommend my post ‘Fertility Foods’ for foods that can help you not only become pregnant, but also grow a healthy baby: Good luck!

      1. Thanks Lisa! You are so amazing! This has been such a stressful experience! Congratulations on your recent pregnancy! What an exciting time, enjoy it!

  7. Just had mine removed 1 week ago… hopefully I will start feeling SOMETHING soon! Wonder how soon though… Got some sensitivity going on.. I’ve had these damn fillings in my mouth a good 10+ years I believe… Shoot me. Thank god for my partner. 3k worth of work they did..

    1. I hope you start feeling better soon, too, although it may take some time! I had terrible sensitivity with the new fillings but thankfully it all went away eventually (took a few months) except one tooth is still sensitive to really cold things.

      I feel ya on the cost. I gave up the new camera I was saving for. *sigh*

  8. Dear Lisa,
    Thanks for the above, Please give me some guidance here. Yesterday I received an amalgam filling. Later I realized it contains mercury. Being a hypochondriac and only 21, I think it would make me feel 100 times better if didn’t have mercury in my mouth for the remaining 80 years of my life. I researched that getting an amalgam removal could release more mercury than keeping it for your lifetime. So I’m thinking of just getting it pulled. It is the furthest molar so I wouldn’t have a gap.

    Should I do this? If you can reassure me in anyway I’d be grateful.
    Keep up the good work

    1. If you feel you need to have the amalgam out of your mouth, I recommend finding a holistic dentist who uses the IAOMT protocol for removing amalgams and have it replaced with a material you feel comfortable with. The IAOMT protocol greatly minimizes the amount of mercury exposure. They put a rubber dam in your mouth to prevent swallowing or inhaling mercury orally, as well as put an oxygen mask over your nose so you don’t breathe in fumes through your nose. Usually you would also work with a naturopath who would likely prescribe you something to take to help get mercury out of your body or prevent you from absorbing any that you might be exposed to from the procedure.

      The problem with simply pulling your tooth is that our teeth are very important to our bodies. They have nerves that connect to various parts of the body and they are also an important structural component. Removing a tooth would be like taking a supportive brick out of the side of a building. I can’t explain it all here, but basically pulling a tooth can change the shape of your mouth and have a cascading effect on the rest of the body, causing anything from poor posture to hormonal problems.

      This is of course a personal, and not professional, opinion. Please seek out your options before doing anything permanent to your body! Wishing you the best.

  9. Hi Lisa
    I just got 1 small amalgam filling removed and 1 big (cracked) amalgam filling removed yesterday by a holistic dentist .
    Since one filling was cracked is my mercury exposure decreased?
    I also had a IUD in for 4 years and got it removed back in July .
    I just started taking a prenatal vitamin ,and additional vitamins, a month ago,and a probiotic over the past 6 months.
    I also just started eating organic food regularily…
    I really want to get pregnant at the end of December?
    My 5 year daughter has autism,so this is why I really wanted the fillings out,but I wish I got the removed 3 months ago !?
    I ordered whey protein yesterday, and plan on eating way more veggies to speed up the detox process…
    What other veggies do you recommend ? I plan on buying broccoli ,cauliflower, garlic,and Brussels sprouts?
    Also did you start taking the Cholerella with the whey protein and then the probiotic?
    I plan on ordering more probiotic soon also.
    Is it safe for me to get pregnant , and congratulations on your pregnancy by the way! 🙂

    1. Hi Shauna,
      I don’t know for sure, but I would think that if anything the cracked amalgam would have leaked more mercury after it cracked. So you maybe had a little more exposure there.:(

      Since you are actively trying to detox, you probably want to wait a couple months after actively detoxing before you get pregnant. It’s not a good idea to get pregnant immediately following a detox regime. Especially since you have a child with autism, I would be more cautious.

      It’s really good that you have been taking a probiotic and have started eating organically. Have you considered the GAPS diet? I recommend at least reading the book (Gut and Psychology Syndrome). There is a weaning protocol for babies when you start them on solids, to help seal their gut and hopefully prevent GAPS conditions (such as autism) in the child.

      I was on the GAPS diet for almost a year when I had my amalgams removed, which includes lots of probiotics/probiotic foods, and helps heal and seal the gut. So that would help prevent absorbing more mercury. I had been also taking chlorella for most the time I was on GAPS (even though it’s not recommended on GAPS, I felt I needed it), and I continued taking it after my amalgams were removed. I only took the whey for a few weeks after the removal because I was worried about detoxing too fast when we were going to try to get pregnant soon. I ended up not getting pregnant until five months after the removal, which I was feeling good about. I also had 8 amalgams removed, so I kind of had more mercury to worry about.

      Veggies in general are really good. I believe carrot juice and celery are supposed to be helpful in detoxification. Beets overall are very nourishing. I’ve made a beet, carrot, apple, orange juice that is really yummy. Additional cruciferous vegetables are cabbage and kale. Cilantro releases heavy metals…just be careful not to overdo it.

      Please also check my post on fertility foods. When you nourish your body well before and during pregnancy, it helps you grow the healthiest baby possible, and certain foods like cod liver oil and liver can actually help protect the body (and baby) against toxins.

      Good luck with everything!

      1. Thank you, Lisa! I think I’m going to try Dmsa to make sure all mercury is removed,and zinc to remove the copper, and wait a year to get pregnant. Just to be safe. I also plan on taking additional vitamins ….vit. D3, calcium, Magnesium,vit.C,liver cod oil,choline,Thorne folanic acid ,a probiotic,zinc and Thorne prenatals ,and eat only organic food for my future pregnancies. I am not going to vaccinate next time either. I want an all natural birth at a birth center,since my daughter was born by c -section! 😦 Thank you for the book, I will check that out. my daughter is on the gf/cf diet and has been a lot healthier on it !!!:) -Shauna

  10. Just found your blog. Wonderful. I am having some of my mercury fillings removed tomorrow morning by a biological dentist. The research I have done lead me to the pro-biotics, chlorella, and vegetables too. Also I have a Zeolite. A few months ago I found Fulvic Acid…and have been on that. It’s a natural chelator too and detoxer. I have 10 fillings that need to be removed and I believe totally related to being diagnosed with Stage IIa colon cancer in June of 2012. I am hoping the removal will keep my detoxing more and the mostly raw foods diet and the continued healthy living I do will keep me cancer free. Thank you for the informative post!
    Peace and Blessings,

  11. I just had 5 amalgams removed, and have started an all natural detox regiment. My dentist gave me the book “The Poison In Your Teeth” by Dr. tom McGuire (which was an awesome book helping me figure out about when and how to have my amalgams removed) He also wrote an e-book called “Mercury Detoxification” which goes thru all the nutrients / supplements etc you want to include, how much, and why. He explains how to monitor your symptoms to know if you are actually removing the mercury or just stirring it up. I’ve been very happy with it so far. When I spoke with my natural-path it seemed like they were not very knowledgeable in how to remove mercury (advising me to fast) so I was grateful for finding this book. I found it easier to understand then Dr Mercola.

  12. Hi Lisa,

    I am facing a tough option here. I have one single intact amalgam filling that was placed over 15 years ago…and I want it out. I have been generally healthy my whole life, but I live as non-toxic as possible. I eat organic, recently gluten free and low dairy. And I am also now using essential oils.

    However, over the last year and half, I’ve been dealing with unexplained infertility. After some fertility treatments, my previously normal thyroid panel, came back with an increasing TSH level putting me on the border for hypothyroidism. That could have been a reaction to fertility meds because I felt awful on them – I can’t be certain it wasn’t the mercury though.

    I would love to get my amalgam out because 1) I don’t know if it is the cause for my infertility 2) I hate the idea of having that exposure daily and 3) I would prefer to limit my future baby’s exposure to it as well. What I don’t want to do is wait 12-18 months to continue trying.

    Do you think that if I use a holistic dentist that uses all the right protocols that I can get this silver filling out without causing a mercury dump into my system? It’s only one filling and I would say that I feel like I am as toxic or symptomatic like most people on these boards seem to be. And (as this dentist suggested) do you think that if I just wait a month after to try again that that will be long enough?

    I would appreciate your advice! Thanks

    Also, I am happy to take normal doses of vitamin c and take probiotics, alginate, and maybe Chlorella but other than that, I hope to just let my body detox as slowly as possible.

    1. I’m really glad you corrected your typo above! I was going to say if you feel toxic then don’t get it out yet. But if you don’t feel toxic, then your body is probably not going to have a hard time clearing the mercury out. This is just my opinion, of course, and you can always check with a doctor/naturopath that understands mercury, but I would think you would be fine to have the one filling out and then get pregnant after a little wait. Definitely use a dentist that uses the IAOMT protocol. I have read that the body will dump any accumulated mercury after removal, though. I think there is an initial dump, one at six months and another at 12 months. There was no way I was going to wait that long to get pregnant, though, and my ND was okay with my getting pregnant soon after. With only one filling I would think you are pretty safe to have it out and then get pregnant. Some people don’t even absorb the mercury…it’s more of an issue if you have gut dysbiosis and/or leaky gut. Otherwise, your healthy gut flora can trap it and take it out.

      I’m sorry to hear of your fertility issue. I’m going to pass on a little bit of information that may hopefully be of help to you. You may know that hypothyroidism can actually contribute to infertility. And it can cause problems in the baby if you do get pregnant–although maybe it’s not too much of a problem if you are just borderline? I’m just throwing that out there in case you didn’t already know.

      Another cause of infertility is improper nutrition. Many women have been able to become pregnant by eating the right diet. I have a post that covers a traditional fertility diet if you are interested. There are several links to other articles.

      I wish you the best!

  13. I just came across your blog and I love it! Thank you!!! I have no fillings in my mouth – however my husband has 1 mercury filling. He doesn’t have any health problems that he is aware of. We would like to have another baby and I was wondering if removing a filling affects the health of sperm. Is it better to leave it in until after pregnancy happens or take it out before? Is there any danger for overall health in removing the filling if done the correct way? He also needs a root canal (tooth totally dead)- which he knows not to do. Instead he is going to have the tooth extracted. I was reading in the comment section and you mentioned how important having all your teeth were and how it can affect your health. It scared me. A biological dentist said he could put a retainer like thing in my husband’s mouth with a replica of his old tooth and he would just remove it at night (this instead of the alternative options so there would be no metal in his mouth). I’m wondering about your thoughts on this. I appreciate your input. I want to make sure he is healthy before conception too since he’s half of it. 😉

    1. Okay, first of all–I did NOT know they had those tooth retainers you described! That sounds like a great option to me. I would do that if I had a dead tooth. It will help keep the structure of his mouth. I wouldn’t be too scared, though…I’ve had a total of 8 teeth extracted (perfectly healthy teeth that there was “no room” for), and I’m not dying from it! However, I do have digestive issues and terrible posture–though that can just be from my frame not developing fully (completely related to having a small mouth with crowded teeth, by the way). The teeth are very important, but I think it’s more important to avoid the toxic metals.

      Of course I can’t give you advice, but here are my thoughts on the filling. I don’t believe everyone absorbs mercury into their bodies–those with great digestive health probably pass it out in their stool. If he is absorbing it, it isn’t enough to make him ill, so may not be enough to be worried about. I do think mercury can affect fertility, though, and may affect sperm, though I don’t know to what extent. Removing it using the IAOMT protocol is considered very safe. I believe it’s really only a concern if he already has a toxic load in his body, because the body will start dumping any accumulated mercury once the mercury source is gone. I wouldn’t think this would be a problem in his case, but you guys (or a doctor/naturopath) will have to be the judge of that. 🙂

      Good luck TTC! Make sure you are both well nourished before…it takes a few months to develop sperm and eggs, and it’s a good idea to build up your nutritional stores several months in advance…especially for you since growing the baby is a much bigger job than simply supplying sperm! 😉 I have a post on fertility foods if you are interested.

  14. I am thinking of having my fillings remove and would like to know how long the detox process takes. I have read that you have to wait for one year before ttc. How long did you wait before ttc? How was your pregnancy? You seem very knowledgeable about the detox process. What do you recommend?

    1. Hi Jen: Sorry I missed your comment before. I don’t get to my computer very often nowadays with my little one underfoot! Yes, it is recommended to wait a year after removal because (what I have read is that) mercury begins dumping out of body tissues once the source (the amalgams) is removed. You can’t control when the body decides to dump it. However, my naturopath thought it would be okay if I just waited for a few weeks after the amalgam removal if I didn’t try to do any active detoxing. That was too close for comfort for me–I ended up getting pregnant about five months after the removal. I did worry a little about possible dumping during pregnancy, but only a little, honestly, because I was very prayerful about getting pregnant and decided to trust God. My pregnancy went fine and I had an exceptionally healthy baby. My kidneys even healed while I was pregnant, and I think it’s because the amalgams were taken out. I did try very hard to adhere to a WAPF style diet before and during pregnancy and I believe the nutrition helped me grow a healthy baby. See here for the diet:

      For detoxification, I say, either consult with a naturalpath or other doctor who understands heavy metal detoxification, or else do nothing other than eat a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients and probiotics. You definitely want to be sure your detox pathways are open before doing any kind of detoxification (healthy liver, regular healthy bowel movements, clear skin, good digestion, etc.) and preferably before you remove the fillings (that’s not a professional opinion, by the way–I do recommend consulting with a doctor). Good luck!

      1. I am stressing out. I am scheduled to have an amalgam removed by a traditional dentist tomorrow (can’t afford the bio dentist right now). I found it I was pregnant yesterday. I conceived 13 days ago and found out very early. I am worried that I should put it off until after baby is born, but I have another cavity that is close to getting to the root in the same tooth with the amalgam, so the dentist is just going to remove the whole filling and refill with composite. If I put it off I am also worried that I will end up needing a root canal which I want to avoid at all costs! Do you think the one filling removal could cause harm to the baby?

      2. Hi Julie. I am so sorry I wasn’t able to reply earlier. I don’t know if the mercury will harm the baby, but you can be sure there will be a lot of mercury being released during the removal. If your dentist isn’t following proper protocol, then you will be exposed to extra mercury. Personally, I wouldn’t chance it. But I do understand the need to deal with the cavity. Any chance you could try to heal or stall the cavity for a few months (and in the meantime save up to see a bio/holistic dentist)? There is a wonderful book called Cure Tooth Decay. I highly recommend it. There is a diet protocol to follow as well as other suggestions to use in addition, such as oil pulling. Good luck with everything!

  15. Hi Lisa! I just want to know if it would be safe to get it removed even though i still have the leaky gut problem? I’ve done some saliva and urine testing from this holistic clinic and apparently, i still have heavy metal problem and leaky gut. I believe and also my holistic doctor that what really hampers my healing is the heavy metal problem. When the holistic doctor checked my fillings, there were some traces of mercury leaking into my system. What would you advise to me in this case? Should i get my silver fillings removed? or should i just wait a little longer to get my gut healed even though the missing piece to my problem is the heavy metal?

    1. Hi Lois. I can’t give you any medical advice, but only some information. Removing amalgams can cause mercury in the body to mobilize. Therefore, the detox pathways in the body need to be open and ready to deal with mercury removal, otherwise the mercury can relocate to areas you really don’t want it, such as the brain! Detox pathways include the liver, the digestive tract (including have regular bowel movements–at least one a day), the kidneys. You can support these with good nutrition, avoiding refined foods, sugar, pesticides, herbicides, food additives, etc. Some foods are specific to liver health, kidney health, digestive health. Check with your doctor that you are able to deal with detoxing from the heavy metals. You could also check with a professional who does muscle testing, as they can help check the health of these organs and offer supplements to support them. I don’t believe the gut needs to be fully healed in order to remove amalgams, so long as you are taking probiotics, chlorella or something else that can bind to the metals in the digestive tract and carry them out. That is not a professional opinion, though. My suggestion is to read up on the ideas I’ve presented and discuss them with your holistic doctor.

      1. I see. Did you follow a specific protocol when you get your fillings removed? Like cutler or haggin’s protocol? Or did you just simply take whey protein, increased your intake of cruciferous veggies and took some probiotics, chlorella and thiol resins right after the removal of your fillings? Most of what you are doing is something that i already do as well like taking probiotics, fermented veggies. In addition, did you do coffee enema, liver flushes and kidney cleanse? By the way, did you have a herxheimer reaction after removing your fillings? And did you get it removed all at once? If not, did you get it removed like one then the other one after a few weeks or months? Sorry i have a lot of questions because im very much interested in getting mines removed soon and somehow i’d like to gather as much information that i need to know prior to removal. Thanks!

  16. Lisa, How long are you detoxing for after the removal before you try to get pregnant? I’m currently trying to figure this exact thing out for myself. We are ready to get pregnant again, but also want to get my many amalgams out of my mouth.

    1. Hi Alaina. I did not do any “active” detoxing, but allowed my body to do its own thing after removal. I didn’t want to mobilize too much mercury in my body right before getting pregnant. I didn’t get pregnant for four months after the amalgam removal. Everything seems to be okay with my baby, who is now 18 months old. But if you want to really play it safe, you would want to work with a health professional who understands heavy metals. I have read that the body can dump accumulated mercury every six months after amalgam removal. This means I had two dumps during my pregnancy! But apparently it worked out okay for us. At least, I hope so…. Definitely I would suggest making sure your detox pathways are open and supported, and eating a nourishing, clean diet.

  17. Hi Lisa, I have mercury toxicity and I would like to start taking IMD Intestinal cleanse (thiols) and liposomal glutathione. Are there any issues I need to worry about while taking these supplements? Thanks

  18. Hi,

    I’m not sure I’ve received clarity on whether or not the Lord had to remove the amalgams. Could you please clarify?

    In my closing, it was a blessing to read how you put God first and had no intentions of making a move without His guidance.

    Continue to keep Him first .

    God bless,


  19. Hi! I’m in the process of removing my mercury filling before conceiving. What supplements would you recommend for detox? Vitamin C-what type, there are many out there, as well as probiotics?

    I know you conceived 5 months after removal of mercury, how is your little (baby/toddler now?). I had my mercury filling throughout my first pregnancy and I had a very healthy son, I am more afraid now of removing the mercury and conceiving since i heard the mercury can spread.

    Thoughts/comments would be great!


  20. Thank you for sharing your journey. This has been the most sensible and helpful information that I’ve found. I could say so much more about my journey somewhat similar to yours but most importantly – just wanted to express my thanks!

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