Struggle & Success Saturday: Exercise & Eggs

I have been more committed to exercising this month than I have been in a long time. So of course my foot would start hurting, and of course I would get sick.

My foot started to hurt right before the beginning of the new year, when my new year’s resolutions were all nice and fresh. I went to the chiropractor who told me my metatarsal was out, and he adjusted it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough and for about three weeks my foot felt strained. I put stuff on it, rubbed it, rested it, exercised it gently, stretched it gently–but nothing changed the fact that that metatarsal wasn’t set in properly. Then, last week, it started hurting really bad. Then, I got sick so I was just sitting around mostly anyway. Now it’s not hurting, but it’s definitely still “out” and I need to be careful with it. I think I am ready to pay another $40 for an adjustment.

The good news is that, despite the foot pain, I still got some exercise in. Fortunately, rollerskating keeps the foot fairly locked in, so it didn’t bother it to skate. I went to the rink twice with my boy, and broke a sweat both times. I also got a few good walks in around the neighborhood, and even went to the zoo yesterday. One of the neighborhood walks included a photo shoot with my little boy, and I actually had pretty sore quads the next day from all the squatting I did. I was extra active at home the past month, too, throwing in jumping jacks, going up and down the stairs till my legs burned and chasing my son around till my heart was pounding.

The other good news is that I found a new egg supplier. As much as I loved getting our eggs from my parents, my increased awareness of GMOs made me realize just how important it is that animal products are GMO-free, and my parents’ chickens do not have a GMO-free diet. It’s not soy-free, either, which I would prefer. I was a little distraught, as I was really concerned about how GMOs could affect my offspring and as you know, I’m planning to get pregnant. But the only eggs I knew of that met my standards were $7 a dozen! We eat about 2.5 dozen a week, so that can get pretty expensive. So after some searching on Craigslist and multiple emails (half of which were ignored), I finally found the healthy egg jack-pot.

The store where I will now be buying my eggs.


The chickens are fed soy-free, GMO-free, organic feed made locally from local ingredients (wow, right?). The hens are on pasture and they even raise their own pullets. There are plenty of eggs available, so even though it is first come, first serve, I don’t think there will be much problem with egg shortage. They are selling them at a farm and garden store not too far from us. If I buy three dozen or more at a time, I get a discount. And the price is very good for this quality of eggs ($3.50 with the discount). When I went into the little store, the woman at the register was super friendly and helpful. There was a mini-fridge with eggs in it right at the checkout counter, and she said they had a whole fridge-full in the back. I was in egg heaven. I felt like dancing or something. All the pastured, soy-free, GMO-free eggs I want, when I want, at a price I can be happy about.

Any struggles for you in the last month? Anything successes?


10 thoughts on “Struggle & Success Saturday: Exercise & Eggs

  1. Struggled with GAPS food boredom. 🙂 I just need to look online for some fresh ideas I think. A plus has been that I’ve worked out HCl with pepsin is a good fit for me. I feel like I’m starting to get to the bottom of things.

    1. I need to try that. I have a bottle but never use it.

      I bet some new recipes will help with GAPS boredom. I have so many recipes I love now that are GAPS-friendly. My problem is I am tired of making EVERYTHING ahh! Actually, it seems to be getting better, I must be using my time more efficiently. 😉

      1. The HCl I use said in the instructions to take one and if you don’t get any burning discomfort in your stomach or warming sensation under the breast bone, then you most likely need to be taking it. They recommend increasing to 2 (and up to 8) until you reach that discomfort level (eased by a big drink of water). If you take one and get no discomfort then you don’t need to take any. I’m sure the different manufacturers have different instructions for finding your optimal dose (and they are not recommended if you have an ulcer or take anti-acid meds).
        But I did think it was interesting that even after taking two of them, I found the discomfort didn’t set in, meaning that I do indeed have low stomach acid. I’ve yet to find my optimum dose.
        NCM’s chapter on Digestive Enzymes makes a whole lot more sense to me now. 🙂

  2. Guess I’m just showing my own ignorance, but I didn’t realize that GMOs in a chicken’s diet would affect their eggs. I figured as long as the chicken wasn’t a GMO herself, all was good. Interesting.

    1. Hi David! Yes, that was sort of the way I used to think, too, until I thought harder about it. Well, really when I saw the documentary Genetic Roulette, it became pretty clear that it isn’t wise to eat animal products from animals that eat GMOs. You basically have to look at it this way: Animal eats a lot of GMOs and those GMOs get concentrated in their milk, eggs and meat. Some GMO crops such as corn contain systemic pesticides, and other GMOs require tons of pesticides to be sprayed on them, which means those pesticides are accumulating in the tissues of the animal. Animal products may be even worse than eating GMO crops directly.

      GMOs have been linked with infertility in humans as well as animals, so no doubt they would affect chicken eggs. They can also change the genes in the animals that eat them, so if a chicken eats enough GMOs, their DNA will change, so in a sense, they do actually become genetically-modified themselves.

  3. Maybe I should just come up to that store once a month and collect eggs lol. It’s hard paying $7 a week. This current one I found is only $5.25. But 3.50 is a steal. Totally gonna do that!!

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