Why GMOs Are So Dangerous

Imagine this. There is a new disease that has just popped up in your community. It doesn't usually kill people right off, but it can seriously impair their health, causing all sorts of issues like diabetes, cancer, and infertility. You don't want this disease, so you stay away from anyone who has it and you [...]


Advocating for Knowledge and Freedom of Choice

As we know, 2012 was not the end of the world. But there are those who believe the year was meant to be a turning point in the collective human conscience. A re-awaking, so to speak; an enlightenment. It certainly was an awaking year for me. Some say that awakening had already started before 2012, and [...]

Kombucha 101

Already in the Tsin-Dynasty, 221 BC, it was known and honoured as a beverage with magical powers enabling people to live forever.  --Kombucha--Miracle Fungus Okay, maybe kombucha doesn't make people live forever, but it does have some health claims. Some of these are improved digestion, better body pH (it's alkalizing), detoxifying effects and liver supportive, [...]

Two cases of strep and meeting a new ND

My son, who is 4.5, developed a rash on his face. Not an obvious rash--there were spots that looked like small sores, some splotchiness under his nose, and even some small pink bumps in some spots. My husband suggested it was from the swimming pool, since he did not get a full shower after the [...]