Healthy Life Summit Replay

I really want to write about some of the things I learned at the Healthy Life Summit last week, but I don’t have time just yet. Out of 35 presentations, I listened to 26 entirely, plus about half of a few more (I didn’t have time to finish them). During several I took pages of notes. Others I simply enjoyed listening to. They were all interesting, engaging and informative. Some were downright fascinating.

Today is the last chance to watch some of the presentations for free. After a vote, five were selected for a replay today. They include:

Chris Kresser on how chrono-disruption (light) affects our sleep patterns and how sleep affects our overall health. Listen to this one and you will be sure to go to bed on time!

Dr Carolyn Dean on the importance of magnesium. This information could change your life. Almost everyone is magnesium deficient. You will learn how vital this nutrient is in our health and how to get enough of it.

Sally Fallon Morell (author of Nourishing Traditions) on care and feeding of babies and children. If you want to know what to wean your baby on to, this is the one for you. She mentions some of the pitfalls of the increasingly popular “baby-led weaning” style of feeding babies. She also talks about vaccines and childhood illnesses.

Joel Salatin talks about living closer to the land, sustainable agriculture, involving children in chores and just being closer to your family. Inspiring.

Diane Sanfilippo on the problems with sugar and how to do a 21-day sugar detox. I didn’t get to listen to this one last week, so that’s the one I’ll be listening to today!


All the presentations will be available to watch any time until midnight tonight PDT.

healthy life summit


2 thoughts on “Healthy Life Summit Replay

  1. I don’t have any interest in watching Sally Fallon speak because I believe she is inherently biased…but I am curious what she has to say about baby led weaning. Could you just fill me in?

    1. Basically she said that the foods babies need are not suitable for self-feeding; you would end up with a big mess and they wouldn’t get enough in their mouths and therefore not get enough to eat. I’m sure BLW proponents would disagree with them not getting enough. She also said parents need to be more in control of what their kids eat and that no traditional culture has used baby-led weaning: It’s a new idea. I don’t know how much she actually knows about BLW and I’m not sure if she’s really qualified to criticize it, but I do believe she has some valid points.

      Personally, I love certain aspects of BLW, but I also had my doubts about it. It’s basically how I fed my son when he was a baby, but there were things that didn’t make sense to me and even went against my intuition, so I wavered on it and would sometimes pre-chew his meat or spoon/fork feed him. It was like a big experiment, and I’m not sure I liked how it turned out. I was proud of the fact that he liked a wide variety of foods, but now that I know what foods are really important, I’d be happier if he loved liver and egg yolks lol. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with letting a baby self-feed but maybe BLW takes it to an extreme. So, I kind of appreciated hearing her opinion on BLW because it validated my own feelings toward it to a degree.

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