30 health e-books for $1.30 each

There are a lot of e-books out there. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty hesitant to spend $10-20 on a digital book. But there’s a lot of health info I want to learn and a lot of real food recipe books I’d like to glean from (especially the grain-free ones). I’d like to have some DIY recipes for skin care, and non-toxic cleaners, and even homesteading. I’m like a health info glutton…maybe you are, too?

That’s why I think these book bundles are awesome. For $39 you get 30 popular e-books–that’s an average of only $1.30 per book. Good deal, if you ask me.

spring book bundleI’m looking forward to reading getting some healthy kid-friendly recipes, slow cooker recipes that I can pre-make and stick in my freezer for a super easy meal when I don’t feel like cooking, and 150 super healthy smoothie recipes (because what could be easier than sticking ingredients in a blender and pushing a button?). There are several paleo and grain-free recipe books including egg-free and grain-free breakfast (which I so need right now). There’s a book that’s all about educating kids on what REAL nutrition is, which I’ll definitely be using with my child. At least three books cover how to have a healthy metabolism, which I need to work on–I’m particularly interested in Eat for Heat because I’m tired of being cold all the time! There are DIY natural cleaning and personal care product books, homesteading books, skin care books, and real food and natural health books. There’s a lot to choose from. Even if you only wanted to read five or six of the books, you’re still getting a discount on them. A full listing of the books can be found here.

This bundle is only available until April 23rd, so if you think you’re interested, go check it out now!


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