Learn How to Truly Nourish Your Children

Promotion June 2013

As I mentioned in my previous article, the non-profit organization Nourishing Our Children is having an 8-day promotion as part of their 8-year anniversary celebration.

Nourishing Our Children has being an incredibly valuable resource to me as I have striven to learn how to nourish my child. Even though I was feeding him natural, real, organic foods from the get-go, and breastfed him until he was four (with solids introduced at six months), he was actually an under-nourished child, who developed food sensitivities, became prone to illness, and had mood issues and digestive disturbances. Amazingly, our real food diet wasn’t cutting it. Turns out there is so much more to nourishing a growing child (including a child in the womb) than even most health-conscious people realize.

The robustly healthy traditional societies that Dr Weston A Price studied ate special foods prior to marriage so that they would be fertile and be able to grow beautiful and strong babies. They even knew things like what to eat to make a baby’s head develop the proper shape. They had easy births. They fed special foods to their young children to help them grow strong. These people were exceptionally healthy, and had no tooth decay or dental deformities (no crooked teeth, underbites, no need for wisdom teeth removal, etc), and were virtually free of disease.

Doesn’t that sound like something you want for your child? Nourishing Our Children was like a goldmine of the information I craved to know–the information that would help me help my son to be truly healthy. I have so much gratitude for this organization; they have made it so easy to learn the principles of true nourishment, all in the hopes that more of today’s children will be well-nourished, rather than merely well-fed.

For their promotion this week, they are offering their educational materials for a reduced donation price.

  • $20 donation: You receive the Nourishing Our Children e-book, The Nourished Baby e-book by Heather Dessinger (of the Mommypotamus blog), and a pdf version of Nourishing Our Children’s food pyramid (these are valued at $50)
  • $50 donation: You receive all of the above, plus a PowerPoint presentation and a Study Guide to go along with it (this grouping is valued at $100).

On the promo page, you can click on each individual item for more information, but let me give a quick synopsis here.

  • Nourishing Our Children e-book: Covers all the dietary principles of nourishing children on a traditional foods diet, including preconception diet, pregnancy and breastfeeding diet, and what to feed babies and children. It discusses some of the findings of Weston A Price and the Pottenger Cats experiment. Discusses traditional fats; the problems with soy; water quality and fluoride; the importance of vitamins A and D and how to get enough; the importance of animal foods; what real milk is, why it’s valuable, and how to find it; the problems with food additives and processed cereals; and lastly, it includes many resources. Includes many lovely photos.
  • The Nourished Baby e-book: This is a wonderful complimentary guide to the Nourishing Our Children e-book. It discusses the importance of gut flora and why it’s so important that baby gets the right gut flora from the start–and how to help make that happen. There is a chapter on breastfeeding, which of course includes the breastfeeding diet, but also includes more insight on why eating well when nursing is so important to your baby. This chapter includes a cravings deciphering chart to help you determine what your body really needs when it craves sweets, chocolate and coffee. There are helps on how to introduce solids, including how to seal the baby’s gut, check for readiness and sensitivities, and of course, what to feed your baby! (Also includes what to avoid, and what to introduce at what age.) Tips for raising an adventurous eater and a FAQ section. Oh, and recipes, of course! From main dishes to side dishes to ferments to desserts. This book also contains many quality photos.
  • PowerPoint Presentation and Study Guide: This presentation is captivating and so inspirational. It covers everything in the e-book, but contains many more photos. This would be an ideal way to introduce the idea of a traditional foods diet to someone who is new to it, and can be a great educational tool. The study guide compliments the presentation.

This promotion will end in just a few days on June 24th (extended to June 30th!), so if you are interested in obtaining these materials at a reduced price, please see the promo page for more information and to purchase.


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