Growing a New Little Person

I am pregnant!!

I’m nine weeks along today, and my baby has graduated from being an embryo to being a fetus. Yay! I also had my first midwife appointment today, so I figure I might as well round out this monumental day by announcing it to you guys.

I actually would have announced it weeks ago, but I’ve been so tired that the thought of sitting at a computer has seemed like an enormous waste of energy. On days that I’ve actually had extra energy, I’ve used it to catch up on chores, go for a walk, or just get out of the house.

Growing a human is so much work! Today I joked to my friend, who is doing some bodybuilding in preparation for a CrossFit competition, that I was bodybuilding, too, only I didn’t have to do any workouts. We both lament that eating enough protein and calories has become a chore. I long for the day that my appetite feels normal enough that eating becomes pleasurable again.

have had some “morning” sickness, which of course comes on at any ol’ time of the day. I had some mild queasiness early on, but right at 7 weeks (just like last time) the nausea kicked in. But, it’s been manageable this time around, unlike last time where I ended up on anti-vomit medicine and an IV in my arm. I have not vomited yet, which is a huge victory for me. However, with my son, the morning sickness peaked at 12 weeks, so I figure I still have three weeks left for things to get worse. I do, however, have some insights on what causes morning sickness for me and some really great morning sickness combat tips that I will be writing up in another post!

Because of the morning sickness, my appetite has ranged from mediocre to terrible. In the earliest weeks my appetite was great and I ate a lot, but then the queasiness killed it. I have been trying really hard to continue eating healthy foods. While I have not been able to consume liver for a couple of weeks now, my vegetable intake has decreased dramatically, and I can no longer eat my two eggs for breakfast every morning, I’ve still been eating mostly traditional foods. I’ve definitely been more lax than I would like to be, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to get your basic macronutrient nutrition into your body.

I’m getting outside less the worse I feel, especially on hot days, but I’m still doing way better than last time when I pretty much lived in my bed. I go for walks when I feel well enough. I’m grateful the weather has been fair enough to have the windows open a lot. I feel like I can never get enough fresh air.

My mood has been pretty decent. Yes, I am more emotional than I was before I got pregnant, but not unreasonably so. On days I don’t get enough rest or food I definitely lose my edge a bit and can get snappy, but that would be me on not enough food and rest anyway. Most of the time I am very calm.

So far this pregnancy is looking a lot better than the last one. I’m definitely fighting for it to be good. Getting enough nutrition and the right nutrition seems to really make a difference for me, which is something I was relatively clueless about last time.

I know nine weeks may seem pretty early for me to announce my pregnancy to the world, but I just can’t go on without having my readers know. There is a reason I’m not blogging as much! But at least I can post plenty of pregnancy-related status updates on Facebook now!! Hurray!!

Model of an 8 week old fetus. Right now my baby would be a little bigger than this!

10 thoughts on “Growing a New Little Person

  1. I’m so, so excited for you! And it’s wonderful that you are doing better than your last pregnancy. Probably from all the awesome nutritional prep work you did!

  2. Way to go. wishing you a wonderful pregnancy and it will be exciting to watch the pregnancy unfold. Are you planning a homebirth?

    1. That is the big question. I’d like a home birth, but my husband is firmly against it. I’m actually seeing home birth midwives, but at this point I have no idea what will happen.

      1. BTW, on reading my comment, it’s really none of my business. I’m not sure why I blurted that out-maybe you mentioned midwife and my mind went to homebirth. I had a hospital birth with daughter no. 1 and home water birth with no. 2. While of course both births were life-changing, the home birth with a very capable midwife and the ability to snuggle with my newborn in my own bed a few minutes later-I still can bring myself to a place of contentment just thinking about it.
        good luck!

      2. Oh that’s okay, I didn’t mind your question. I figured you asked because I said midwife.

        Yes…snuggling with baby at home right after birth…one of those things I’d like to experience!

  3. congrats …. happy for you.I just found out your blog yesterday doing my research on amalgam fillings removal. Your post is very helpful, as I’m trying to get pregnant soon too …after I remove my amalgam s…t ;/ Was there anything special in your diet helpful with the remainings of mercury in your body ? And how many months did you wait after removing amalgam before you started trying get pregnant. That would be terrific to hear from you …. I’m trying to make up my mind about this amalgam fillings 🙂

    1. Hi Aneta. I only waited about a month before trying to get pregnant, but we didn’t try very hard at first so I didn’t get pregnant for about five months. By that time I felt much better about it, as I was worried about getting pregnant too soon, but my husband was really eager to start trying.

      I didn’t really do anything too special for detoxing. I was already eating a really healthy diet–pastured/organic meat, eggs and dairy, raw milk, organic produce, avoiding processed foods, etc., so I think my detox pathways were working pretty well. I didn’t want to do anything that would cause me to detox too fast, especially considering any detox regime should be completed at least three months before conceiving.

      My advice is that you first make sure your body’s detox pathways are open (healthy kidneys and liver, regular bowel movements, etc–consult with a naturopath if you have any questions about this). Start eating an organic diet now if you aren’t already. Eat more veggies, especially cruciferous ones. Vitamin C is helpful. You can also take a chlorella supplement. I’m not sure on the dose, I only took 500mg a day of broken cell chlorella. Some people like juicing for detox. Cilantro releases mercury, but you have to make sure you take something like chlorella to help carry the mercury out of the body. Probiotics also help carry it out.

      Hope that helps!

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