Red Raspberry Leaf Kombucha

red raspberry leaf kombucha nourishing my life

I’ve just discovered something wonderful and wanted to share.

I figured I’d be drinking my rooibos kombucha throughout pregnancy, as rooibos and ferments both have benefits in pregnancy. However, I had grown tired of the rooibos, and mostly stopped drinking it months ago. And all this time I knew I should be drinking red raspberry leaf tea, which not only is nourishing, but is beneficial for toning the uterus in preparation for childbirth–yet I wasn’t really drinking that, either.

So, I thought, I wonder if I could just combine the two? I do like sweetened red raspberry leaf tea–I just didn’t like making it all the time. But kombucha you can make ahead of time, and it tastes great cold from the fridge. So…I made red raspberry leaf kombucha! I made it just the same way that I make rooibos kombucha.

The result?

Pure delight! I love it. It’s better than regular sweetened red raspberry leaf tea, and it’s better than my rooibos kombucha. It’s better than regular kombucha, too! (To my taste buds, anyway.) I’m going to have no problem drinking my red raspberry leaf tea now! And I’m getting extra probiotics and vitamins to boot, yeah!

To make red raspberry leaf kombucha, you need dried red raspberry leaves, a scoby, about a cup of kombucha to get started, sugar and filtered water. You can follow my recipe for making rooibos kombucha here, and simply substitute the rooibos for red raspberry leaf, making the brew as strong as you like it.

Let me know if you try it! Red raspberry leaf is good for fertility, too!

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9 thoughts on “Red Raspberry Leaf Kombucha

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, in my third trimester and on my third batch of kombucha, simultaneously making a pitcher of red ras leaf tea, wondered if this would work!! Awesome!

  2. I live in Oregon too and want to experiment with different kinds of leaves. I was wanting to try a cannabis one as I am a medical patient and you can make tea from cannabis. Think this may work? Other suggestions on leaves that

  3. I have been brewing kombucha for a while now and am excited to try this blend. 20 wks pregnant and looking to add red raspberry to my daily routine. Thank you

  4. Hi there! I’m just wondering if when you’re making the first batch and you say to use a scoby and a cup of kombucha to get started, does it not matter that the cup of kombucha is made from usually black tea? So you’re going to mix the teas/kombuchas?

    1. You can change up the varieties just fine for kombucha. I’ll make a black tea batch, then use the scoby, and a cup of the kombucha to make a green tea variety, and then change it up and make hibiscus. Of course, if you are caffeine sensitive, then that first batch of kombucha (with the 1 cup of black tea kombucha) will have some in it, so pay attention to the time of day when you drink it (if it’s staying awake issue). The black tea kombucha will get thinned out really fast. I have 4 different gallon jars going at once, alternating harvesting from 2 a week, so I can have a non-caffeinated kombucha, and a caffeinated kombucha. Just make sure you don’t have tea varieties that have flavor oils in them as that can cause harm to the yeasts and bacteria. During the winter, I use 2 cups of starter kombucha per gallon of tea, to speed it along fermenting.

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