Vaccines Revealed Docuseries

Vaccines Revealed

Last night I finished up listening to the 9th episode of the docuseries Vaccines Revealed. Because I was busy, I missed part of episode 1, all of episode 2 and part of episode 3, but after that I made a point to listen to everything–which isn’t easy when you have little children and a household to run. It was absolutely worth all the time I gave to it, though. I only wish I had thought to share about this on my blog sooner!

But here’s the good news! They are having a “replay weekend” where you can choose from all the episodes to watch! Maybe, if you are really dedicated, you can get them all in?? If not, there is the option to buy the whole series to watch at your leisure (and share!).

If you are interested in learning about the concerns that experts have about vaccines, I highly recommend watching Vaccines Revealed.

There are two smaller documentaries contained within this series: Vaccine Syndrome, which covers the injuries military personnel have sustained from the compulsory anthrax vaccine, and Trace Amounts, which covers one man’s experience of thimerosal poisoning (shockingly similar to autism symptoms) and his recovery, as well as discussing the relationship between thimerosal and autism. There is also a 20 minute condensed version of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, which was pulled from 2016 Tribeca Film Festival due to its controversy, but came out in select theaters later in the year.

The rest of the docuseries is interviews with experts across the vaccine issue. The panel of 24 includes doctors, scientists, researchers, professors, and others. One of the most notable interviews was that of Robert F Kennedy Jr, who talked about mercury. I also greatly enjoyed Andrew Wakefield’s heartfelt comments. If all you know about this man is the negative junk spread through the media, I encourage you to listen to him. He doesn’t even talk about his retracted paper–he talks about how much he cares about our kids.

Barbara Loe-Fischer, president of the International Vaccine Information Center, Dr Sheri Tenpenny, and Dr Suzanne Humphries are all highly informed women on vaccines. I missed every one of their interviews! I will definitely been watching this weekend for the replay.

There is also a three-part interview with Brian Hooker, the bioengineer who recorded the confessions of the CDC whitleblower William Thompson, who talks about the fraud of the CDC. This is what the movie Vaxxed is centered on. From what I now know about the CDC, I would never, ever get my health recommendations from them–at least not regarding vaccines.

All the other interviews were outstanding as well! To see the full panel of speakers, see the trailer, and sign up for a free viewing this weekend, or to purchase the series to watch later, please go to the Vaccines Revealed website. You won’t regret watching this, I promise.



One thought on “Vaccines Revealed Docuseries

  1. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your site. I love all your info. I was born and raised LDS, but am not LDS anymore. But, like you, I respect everyone’s beliefs, as I hope they respect mine. Do unto others…

    Anyway, Vaccines Revealed is available again online FOR FREE via this link!!!

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