The Truth About Vaccines!

The Truth About Vaccines, a documentary series done by the same guy who investigated cancer and cancer treatments in The Truth About Cancer series, starts tonight. TTAC was so thorough, so I believe this one will also be very thorough.

As I’ve stated before, I’m not anti-vaccine. Even though I see the benefits viruses and bacteria have given our species, a safe vaccine could be useful preventative medicine for those who need or want it. And I think most people do want that. Many pro-vaccine people vehemently fight against anything that is seen as anti-vaccine because they are worried that if enough people stop vaccinating, these diseases will come back to haunt us.

But what if vaccines are doing more harm than good? I know a lot about the harm they have done. I think I know something about the good they have done…but honestly, I’m not sure. Some people truly are against vaccines, and these people will tell you that vaccines haven’t really done much for us. That it was sanitation, better hygiene, better nutrition, changing the way we diagnose, etc. And they will say that herd immunity through vaccines is a myth–that real herd immunity is only possible through natural immunity. And often the seriousness of the disease is downplayed. I just haven’t delved deep enough to know all the facts when it comes to vaccine benefits, but the more I learn about the risks, the less beneficial they seem, especially when there are ways to strengthen the body against disease naturally.

I’m eager to learn more. I hope The Truth About Vaccines docuseries shows an unbiased look at vaccines. I invite you to watch also. We need to all educate ourselves on vaccines. I used to just hide in the shadows and mind my own business when it came to vaccines, but across the nation our right to choose whether or not to vaccinate is being threatened by state legislatures, and even doctors who are starting to refuse to give care to those who are not fully vaccinated. Even die-hard pro-vaccine people may want the right to choose for themselves when more and more vaccines are added to the CDC schedule.

Watch the trailer:

Sign up to watch the 7 day docuseries for free starting tonight by clicking HERE.


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