The Emotion Code

What if you could be healthier by simply releasing emotional “baggage” from your body?



What would you think if I told you there was a way to release years of emotional “scarring” from your body? That you could release the residual emotions from past traumas? And that by releasing these emotions, ¬†you can be healthier both physically and emotionally?

What if I said that these emotions can be released instantly, instead of having to go through months or even years of therapy? That the weight of a burden carried for years could be lifted right away? Would you think it was too good to be true?

Well…I’m not promising anything, but it’s my experience that this CAN happen, because it’s happened to me.

As a society, we’ve invented all these pharmaceuticals and therapies for all the different maladies of the world, but while a person may be “helped,” they are rarely “cured.” Natural medicine attempts to actually heal a person by addressing the root cause of the disease or malady. But what if the root cause isn’t a nutritional deficiency, allergy, hormonal imbalance or other factor that natural medicine usually looks at? What if it’s something deeper….yet simpler?

I’ve spent years focusing on nutrition as though it were the most basic and fundamental element to good health. But now I believe there is something even more fundamental than that. It’s our ENERGY–our emotions, our chakras, our auras, our meridians, and other energetic pathways that make up our vital force or whatever you want to call it. These things are for real and they can have a significant impact on our health and well-being.


Energy Healing

There are many different modalities of “energy medicine” from the more accepted acupuncture and craniosacral therapy to the less accepted (though amazing) homeopathy and applied kinesiology. There are other modalities that deal primarily with releasing negative emotions from the body like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and The Emotion Code. Just to name a few. In this post I focus on The Emotion Code.

The Emotion Code is an energy medicine modality that really spoke to me when I read the book by the same title. The method was developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, a Utah chiropractor. It uses “muscle testing” to identify trapped emotions, and uses “intention” to release them. Nothing could be simpler, right? Sometimes simpler really is better.

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is a really cool tool and is used quite a lot by energy healers. Basically, you can get “yes” or “no” answers from a person’s body by asking a question. The body responds weakly for a “no” and strongly for a “yes.” This can be tested by having a person lift their arm straight out, and someone gently presses on their wrist to see if the arm drops down or stays strong. For example, let’s say someone named “Bob” is being muscle tested. Bob sticks his arm straight out and tries to hold it there while the practitioner gently presses on his wrist. Bob is told to say, “My name is Bob.” He does so, and since the statement is true, when his arm is pressed on, it stays up. Then Bob is told to say, “My name is John.” When he does so, and the practitioner presses on his arm, it drops down. The untrue statement caused a muscle weakness in his body, and he couldn’t keep his arm up when it was gently pressed upon. It’s like an internal lie detector!

The incredible thing about this form of testing is that it can access the subconscious mind, so we can ask the body questions about itself that we may be totally unaware of! For example, we can ask the body if the headache someone is experiencing is from a dehydration, a food sensitivity, or a viral infection. The body knows! In fact, one way people use muscle testing is to see if a particular food or supplement will strengthen their body or weaken it.

So What Is The Emotion Code?

Everyone has trapped emotions in their bodies. Why are they there? Well, it may be some form of self-protection. Or, it may be that during a traumatic or highly emotional event we simply were not able to fully process the emotions and one or more of them get “stuck.” They are like an invisible ball of energy, causing trouble wherever they are trapped. Have you ever had a pain come on after getting really upset? Or a headache? A stomachache, perhaps? I often get pains in various parts of my back, my hips or my neck when I get really upset. This is caused from negative emotions stirring up trouble in the body.

In the Emotion Code protocol, trapped emotions are identified by using muscle testing and a chart of 60 emotions. Once the correct emotion is identified (sometimes with additional information, such as when it occurred), it is released by gliding a magnet or simply one’s hand, over the governing meridian. This helps us use our intention to release the emotion. It’s kind of like when you have talk therapy and cry to get your emotions out…but it’s simpler and faster.

Dr Nelson shares an experience in his book about how one day his wife was suddenly overcome with a severe pain in one of her ovaries. He started releasing emotions from her ovary–there were a lot stuck in there–and as he did, she started feeling better and better until eventually there was no more pain. Apparently she had been accumulating emotions in that ovary for many years until suddenly it started to hurt. Who knows what else the trapped emotions may have been doing to her ovary?

Doesn’t it make you wonder? How much of our illnesses and other maladies are caused by trapped emotions?

I’m not a pro by any means, but I have learned to do The Emotion Code on myself and my children. I was able to cure a headache that would come on any time I ate too much chocolate–that particular headache never came back. I have been able to release pain from my back to a degree that it felt as if I had just seen a chiropractor or taken pain medication. I’ve helped myself and all my children recover more quickly from illnesses.

One of my favorite experiences was when I finally decided to take my daughter’s pacifier away. She was attached to it, but it was ruining her mouth. Normally she would scream and cry and beg if she didn’t get it. The day before I decided not to give it to her anymore, I used the Emotion Code protocol to release trapped emotions in her body that made her feel attached to her pacifier. The next day when she asked for it, and I said she wasn’t going to have it anymore, she didn’t even cry. In fact, I think what she said was, “Okay.”

Are you curious about The Emotion Code? Dr Bradley Nelson is one of 23 speakers in the upcoming Worldwide Transformational Summit. I’m excited to listen to this summit! I’m not sure what I’m going to find in it, but every summit I listen to always has some amazing nuggets in it, and I can at least vouch for Dr Nelson. He’s speaking on the Emotion Code! The summit goes for 10 days, has 23 speakers to choose from, and starts this Saturday! Let me know if you plan to listen! (P.S. If you go to the summit page and click around till you find Dr Nelson’s bio, you’ll find a link get a free digital copy of his book!)

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