nourishing my life lisaWelcome! My name is Lisa. I’m a mother of three beautiful children. My passions are health, writing, caring for our planet, helping people be happy, but most of all, being the best person I can be and a loving mother to my children. This blog is about nourishing my life (and hopefully yours as well), and I believe that has to do with so much more than just food (although food is really important!).

My journey began years ago when my firstborn was two and a half years old. I was wanting to try to get pregnant again soon, but I wasn’t healthy enough. Due to a chronic kidney issue, my first pregnancy became high-risk and the birth was a traumatizing experience. My kidney doctor told me I should consider adoption, but that things *might* go okay if I got pregnant again.

I knew I wasn’t very healthy. It wasn’t just my kidneys–it was my whole constitution. I had adrenal fatigue, PMDD, blood sugar issues, fear of dying, and other issues. At one point I was put on blood pressure medication for my kidneys, and it killed what little energy I had. After doing some research, I discovered that the blood pressure medication depletes CoQ10 levels, which is important for energy. It’s also a very important nutrient for the heart and kidneys. Why didn’t my kidney doctor have me take this supplement?? My nephrologist also had nothing to tell me when I asked how I could improve the health of my kidneys through diet or any other means. She told me it was a progressive disease and that there was nothing I could do to stop it. But I could take some drugs to help “protect” my kidneys and slow the process. I had never really liked conventional medicine, but that experience made me realize how devoted most medical doctors are to pharmaceutals and how ignorant they are on things that can actually heal the body.

I refused to believe there was nothing I could do.

Through prayer, I was able to locate a naturopathic doctor who had a special interest in kidney health. She got me started on a path of healing. Yes, I was able to improve the health of my kidneys! And, I was able to safely give birth to two more children–at home. These home births were the driving factors in improving my health. I wanted a home birth so badly that I would do anything for it, and through tons and tons of prayer and research and working hard to change my diet, I was able to achieve that dream–twice!

Around the same time I started seeing that first naturopath, I ordered a copy of Nourishing TraditionsTHIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE. It was like reading the bible of food. It’s amazing to look back and wonder how I didn’t know all this stuff before. It’s the most commonsense way of eating, and yet most of our society has drifted so far from this natural, traditional way of eating that the idea of eating this way just doesn’t come naturally anymore. People simply don’t know about it. Thankfully, in the last several years, the move back to whole, traditional foods has really picked up momentum. Maybe there is hope for future generations, after all.

So after I began eating the deeply nourishing traditional foods as outlined in the book, I began to see changes in my health. I had more energy. I was calmer. I was happier. And food tasted better than ever before. Seriously, why hadn’t I eaten this way all along? How could it have been such a mystery to eat the way our ancestors did?

And that was just the beginning, folks. I have learned SO MUCH. It’s been like unraveling the mysteries of health, layer by layer. Sometimes it seems so crazy complex, and other times so crazy simple. I love finding new pieces of the puzzle. I love sharing them with you. Thanks for being here to learn with me.