The Food Allergies

I know I haven't posted for months. I have some catching up to do, including sharing about the birth of my sweet baby five months ago! But today my mind is on food allergies. While I was pregnant, my son's diet took a backseat. I was just really struggling with being pregnant--the nausea, the food [...]


My New “Diet”

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have gone off the GAPS diet. I had more or less intended it to be sort of a trial, to see if it was really going to be better for me to eat starches, but now that I've gotten off of GAPS, I don't even have the [...]

Balancing Omegas on a Grain-free Diet

If you are on the GAPS Diet, Specific Carbohydrate Diet, or possibly Paleo or other grain-free diet, you might be eating a lot of nuts or nut products. When we give up grains, sometimes it hard to give up all those baked goods, too, so we use flour alternatives, which are usually almond or coconut [...]

How to Get Enough Carbs On GAPS

I'm hearing a lot these days of how people are developing more health problems on paleo or GAPS because they went too low carb. Sometimes it's accidental (GAPS can easily become low carb if you have to restrict fruit or dairy), and sometimes it's on purpose (as it is for some people who embark on [...]

“Cheating” on my GAPS Diet: an Experiment

Yesterday was my stepsister's birthday, and she wanted to go to Papa Haydn's (restaurant popular for it's dessert menu) to celebrate. I've made some minor "cheats" on my diet a few times in the last month or so since I started GAPS back in February. I haven't been trying or wanting to cheat, and I really [...]