The Food Allergies

I know I haven't posted for months. I have some catching up to do, including sharing about the birth of my sweet baby five months ago! But today my mind is on food allergies. While I was pregnant, my son's diet took a backseat. I was just really struggling with being pregnant--the nausea, the food [...]


Two cases of strep and meeting a new ND

My son, who is 4.5, developed a rash on his face. Not an obvious rash--there were spots that looked like small sores, some splotchiness under his nose, and even some small pink bumps in some spots. My husband suggested it was from the swimming pool, since he did not get a full shower after the [...]

You’re Invited to the Healthy Life Summit

I recently attended the HealThy Mouth World Summit, and it was such a great experience listening to many experts on oral health (it affects your overall health way more than you could imagine). After I attended it, I felt bad that I hadn't promoted it more because I didn't want anyone to have missed out. [...]

After Amalgam Removal: Detoxification Thoughts

Several months ago, a full year into my healing journey, I felt impressed that I needed to have my amalgam fillings removed. When I began my journey, I put my full faith in God that He would lead me toward healing. So I wondered, why wait a whole year to remove my fillings? Why didn't [...]

Getting My Fillings Replaced, Part II

This past summer, I saw a naturopath who is experienced with dealing with mercury toxicity. She wanted me to replace all of my fillings right away because I was planning to get pregnant (if I wasn't going to get pregnant, she would have wanted to only remove a couple at a time and space it [...]

Getting My Fillings Replaced, Part I

It took me a while to work up the courage to ask my husband if I could spend over $2000 to get my amalgam fillings replaced with safer ones. This lastĀ SeptemberĀ I got a quote from a holistic dentist, who specializes in removing amalgams, and I have finally gotten around to getting them removed. This has [...]