Red Raspberry Leaf Kombucha

I've just discovered something wonderful and wanted to share. I figured I'd be drinking my rooibos kombucha throughout pregnancy, as rooibos and ferments both have benefits in pregnancy. However, I had grown tired of the rooibos, and mostly stopped drinking it months ago. And all this time I knew I should be drinking red raspberry [...]


Anti-inflammatory Diet for Pregnancy

Because of my supposed higher risk for developing preeclampsia during pregnancy, my midwife gave me an anti-inflammatory diet to follow. Preeclampsia, it turns out, is an autoimmune disease in which the body reacts to the foreign DNA from the baby's father. Autoimmune diseases can be treated with an anti-inflammatory diet; likewise, such a diet may [...]

What I Wish I Had Known About Nourishing Babies

Before I became pregnant with my son, I tried to prep myself for the healthiest pregnancy possible. I worked out and got in shape. I followed a Candida diet for several months to get my yeast problem under control. I read pregnancy and birthing books. I weaned off of Prozac because I wanted a drug-free [...]

Fertility Foods

I'm not a natural fertility expert, but I have learned some interesting things in regards to fertility in the last couple of years, including what kinds of foods promote fertility, which is what I want to share here. My heart goes out to those who are struggling with infertility. I know some people may have [...]

Naturopath Visit Re: Mercury

When I met with the midwife recently, she referred me to Dr Bigelow, ND. Dr B works within a community of natural healthcare providers that includes my previous ND, Dr Lu. Small world. My hopes was that Dr B would give me a clear picture of whether or not I needed to worry about the [...]

Good News from a Midwife

No, I'm not pregnant. (Just to be clear.) However, as you know, I've been preparing to get pregnant. But working at getting healthier--which I've mostly been focused on--is easy-peasy for me compared to having to find a practitioner I feel comfortable with to monitor my pregnancy and deliver my baby. In fact, this job felt [...]