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Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils might seem like just another health fad, but they’ve actually been in use for thousands of years. I’ve been using them myself since about 2003, a little while before they became as crazy popular as they are today. In fact, I remember getting excited when all these new products started coming out with essential oils–cleaners and hand sanitizers, for example. It was so nice to see non-toxic disinfectants on the market!

My very first experience with essential oils  was when I had a fungus underneath my big toenail. It was gross and embarassing. My doctor said the only way to clear it up would be with a dangerous systemic anti-fungal medication. Always being protective of my health, I decided to forgo that option. However, my doctor did mention that some people have cleared up toenail fungus with tea tree oil. I was intrigued. I did some research on the internet and soon I had a regime in place for attacking that disgusting fungus. I was quite happy with the results.

I’ve had many wonderful experiences with essential oils since.

Soon after that first experience, a co-worker of mine shared about how he went to some expo and tried out Thieves essential oil spray. His girlfriend had a sore throat that day and sprayed the Thieves oil on, and soon her throat was feeling better. Well, that sounded awesome.

Soon, my then roommate and I found ourselves at a Body Mind and Spirit expo, and sure enough, there was a Young Living Essential Oils distributor there. My roommate bought a kit of seven or so of the most popular oils, and I bought a reference guide so I could study it and decide what I wanted to order. Some of my first oils were lavender, Joy, Purification and Highest Potential, which remain some of my favorite essential oils today.

Young Living favorites
Some of the most popular Young Living blends (and some of my all time favorites as well!)

My roommate and I used to dream of running a natural health clinic of some sort and helping people use essential oils and herbs, give nutritional advice, and she was going to do therapeutic massage. That dream faded away as I started photography school, got married and had kids. So it’s kind of neat that now, over a decade later, I’m launching my essential oils business. I still love Young Living Essential Oils, so that is what I am selling!

If you would like to become a member of Young Living and enjoy wholesale pricing, click my link below to join!

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If you don’t want to buy a kit and get wholesale pricing, you are welcome to shop as a retail customer. Just select that option before proceeding on the sign up page. Enjoy your oils!

***Disclaimer*** Essential oils may support your natural healing processes, but are not considered by the FDA to be cures for any disease or illness. Also, every body is unique, so results will vary, anyway.