Raw Pastured vs Conventional Dairy

...there were pockets of extremely healthy, long-lived people scattered about the earth who used dairy products in various forms as the staple of their diets — further evidence that milk and its by-products were amongst the most healthful foods man has ever encountered. -Tom Cowan, MD, Raw Milk Do you ever wonder if weaned humans [...]


Cream Cheese: Attempts #1,2 &3

Okay, so of all three of my cheese-making attempts, only one has really been "cream cheese"--I think. The first batch was made by straining the whey out of a botched batch of yogurt that had separated. So technically it was yogurt cheese, I guess. It was actually very tasty--I used it to make a pasta [...]

Cultured Butter & Buttermilk

I love Kerrygold butter so much that it would seem pointless to make my own butter, except for the reason that raw butter is healthier, especially if it's cultured. Culturing increases the enzyme and vitamin content. I tend to make everything in smaller quantities than is recommended in Nourishing Traditions, which pretty much calls for [...]

Carbohydrates: Should We Eat Them?

This post covers part of the Introduction of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Most information is referenced in the book. Opinions are mine unless indicated otherwise. *** I know that low-carb diets are all the rage right now, and when you consider how much sugar and refined carbohydrates most Americans and other Westerners eat, it's kind of [...]

Struggle and Success Saturday: Raw Milk!

This week was very exciting for me! Whenever I got around to writing my dairy post, I was going to complain that I was frustrated with trying to find a raw milk provider in my area. I no longer have need to whine to you guys. Indeed, I have found raw milk! I had checked Craigslist [...]