Struggle & Success Saturday: Kitchen Adventures

I've been experimenting in the kitchen a lot lately. It took me forever and ever to make my first batch of sauerkraut, and once I finally did, I tucked it safely in the back of the fridge where I've never touched it. I guess the bad experience I had making sauerkraut several years ago still [...]


Lacto-fermented Ginger Carrots

Almost five years ago I tried making fermented veggies for the first time--sauerkraut with carrots--in an effort to help heal my body from Candida albicans. I used a very traditional method which required fermenting for 7 days and used no whey. It was so potent that I couldn't handle it. At all. I dumped it [...]

Fermented Salsa

When your tomato garden finally takes off and throws a bundle of ripe tomatoes at you, it's time to try the fermented salsa recipe in Nourishing Traditions! At least, that's what I figured. The tomatoes were threatening to start rotting (I had been trying to get around to it for over a week), so I gathered [...]