Red Raspberry Leaf Kombucha

I've just discovered something wonderful and wanted to share. I figured I'd be drinking my rooibos kombucha throughout pregnancy, as rooibos and ferments both have benefits in pregnancy. However, I had grown tired of the rooibos, and mostly stopped drinking it months ago. And all this time I knew I should be drinking red raspberry [...]


Why I might not be on GAPS anymore

I officially started the gut-healing protocol called GAPS in February 2012, first going through the strict intro phase and then gradually adding in more foods until I was on the least strict version of the diet. I put my 3 year old (at the time) boy on the diet as well since he seemed to [...]

Fertility Foods

I'm not a natural fertility expert, but I have learned some interesting things in regards to fertility in the last couple of years, including what kinds of foods promote fertility, which is what I want to share here. My heart goes out to those who are struggling with infertility. I know some people may have [...]