So I’ve gained a little weight…

I'm going to level with you. I do not like being fat. I know we are supposed to love our bodies no matter their shape and size (and I do have a lot of love for my body), but I just happen to not like the way it looks when my belly sticks out as [...]


What We Need is Healing

I have a very long To Do list today, so I really don't have time for writing this, but my thoughts beg to be written out. Six days ago, there was a shooting at the mall that is five minutes from our house. It was shocking to hear of a tragedy so close to home, [...]

Things That Heal the Gut

"All disease begins in the gut." Hipocrates Having a healthy gut is key to good health. After all, if we can't digest and assimilate nutrients from our food then our body can't use them to repair itself and function properly. Some people have stronger GI tracts than others. This could be due to genetics, foods [...]

Documentary Review: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

I watched this documentary last night, and boy do I wish I hadn't had to give my mom back her juicer. Joe Cross is a successful business investor who lives in Australia. He loved junk food, and it was making him sick. He developed an auto-immune disorder that would cause spontaneous rashes to appear all [...]

From Dying to Thriving

A year ago I felt like I was dying a slow death. My biggest fear was that I would get cancer and die, leaving my little boy motherless. I actually think this was a very realistic fear. My father died from cancer at the age of 45. Granted, he had far worse eating habits than [...]

Health Comes First

Everywhere I turn people are trying to lose weight. Some want to look better, and some want to be healthier. Most probably want better health and better looks, but I think people are primarily driven by one or the other to lose weight. When I hear that someone is trying to lose weight to look better, [...]