The March Against Monsanto

On Saturday I marched with an estimated 6000 protesters in Portland, Oregon in the March Against Monsanto. We were but a small portion of people marching against Monsanto and GMO foods around the world--there were over 2 million people worldwide who joined in this protest. I didn't know how many people would show up. I [...]


Why GMOs Are So Dangerous

Imagine this. There is a new disease that has just popped up in your community. It doesn't usually kill people right off, but it can seriously impair their health, causing all sorts of issues like diabetes, cancer, and infertility. You don't want this disease, so you stay away from anyone who has it and you [...]

Genetically Modified Foods: Why and How to Avoid

The new documentary Genetic Roulette was available to watch for free online recently (I hope some of my Facebook fans took advantage of the link I provided! It can still be viewed online for a donation of $2.99--It is a MUST WATCH). I knew GMOs were bad, but I had no idea how dangerous they really [...]