After Amalgam Removal: Detoxification Thoughts

Several months ago, a full year into my healing journey, I felt impressed that I needed to have my amalgam fillings removed. When I began my journey, I put my full faith in God that He would lead me toward healing. So I wondered, why wait a whole year to remove my fillings? Why didn't [...]


Naturopath Visit Re: Mercury

When I met with the midwife recently, she referred me to Dr Bigelow, ND. Dr B works within a community of natural healthcare providers that includes my previous ND, Dr Lu. Small world. My hopes was that Dr B would give me a clear picture of whether or not I needed to worry about the [...]

Good News from a Midwife

No, I'm not pregnant. (Just to be clear.) However, as you know, I've been preparing to get pregnant. But working at getting healthier--which I've mostly been focused on--is easy-peasy for me compared to having to find a practitioner I feel comfortable with to monitor my pregnancy and deliver my baby. In fact, this job felt [...]

Struggle and Success Saturday: Trapped by Poison?

Earlier this week I wrote a nice long, cathartic post on the subject of me feeling like I was trapped by poison, (i.e. mercury and fluoride). It's a little too long-winded and I didn't want to waste anyone's time, so this shorter post will do. I was actually starting to feel depressed over the mercury [...]

The Fluoride Deception

This post is inspired by the section The Fluoride Deception on page 165 of Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. I used to believe in fluoride as a dental treatment that strengthens teeth and protects them against cavities. And why wouldn't I? My fourth grade teacher had us swish with a red fluoride solution every [...]

Naturopath Update: Visit #7

I haven't written much here concerning my naturopath visits, which started about the same time I started this blog. I think I may copy over my ND posts from my other (more personal) blog, so all my health progress is in the same place. I've been seeing Dr L, a Chinese Medicine/Naturopathic doctor/acupuncturist. There are [...]