After Amalgam Removal: Thoughts and Experiences

It's been five and four weeks since I had my amalgam fillings replaced with composites (five weeks ago for the four on one side, four weeks for the four on the other side). Let me tell you what's been going on in my mind and my mouth since then. Having my fillings replaced caused some [...]


Getting My Fillings Replaced, Part II

This past summer, I saw a naturopath who is experienced with dealing with mercury toxicity. She wanted me to replace all of my fillings right away because I was planning to get pregnant (if I wasn't going to get pregnant, she would have wanted to only remove a couple at a time and space it [...]

Getting My Fillings Replaced, Part I

It took me a while to work up the courage to ask my husband if I could spend over $2000 to get my amalgam fillings replaced with safer ones. This last September I got a quote from a holistic dentist, who specializes in removing amalgams, and I have finally gotten around to getting them removed. This has [...]

The Fluoride Deception

This post is inspired by the section The Fluoride Deception on page 165 of Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. I used to believe in fluoride as a dental treatment that strengthens teeth and protects them against cavities. And why wouldn't I? My fourth grade teacher had us swish with a red fluoride solution every [...]

There is Poison in My Mouth

I am absolutely horrified that I have eight amalgam fillings in my mouth, all of which were probably unnecessary at the time of placement and three of which I believe were a scam. They all contain approximately 50% mercury, the third most toxic known substance in the world (arsenic and lead are slightly worse). I've been [...]